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  1. chillinwill
    A proposal to legalize and tax marijuana in California was approved by a key committee of the Assembly this morning, over the dire warnings of police chiefs and prosecutors.

    The Public Safety Committee voted 4-3 to approve AB 390 by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco), who said the bill would provide tax revenue to the state and regulation of the drug. The new law includes a requirement that users be at least 21 years old.

    The measure next goes to the Health Committee, but proponents worried it would not be acted on by that panel by Friday's deadline, which would require the proposal to be reintroduced to be heard this year by the full Assembly.

    "The way it exists now is harming our youth,'' Ammiano said. "Drug dealers do not ask for ID. We need to regulate something that has gone chaotic, has resulted in carnage. I understand it's not everybody's cup of tea.''

    Assemblyman Danny Gilmore (R-Hanford), a former CHP commander, said the $50 tax on each ounce of marijuana sold to pay for drug education and treatment is not worth the grief that will be caused by legalization.

    "We're going to legalize marijuana, we're going to tax it and then we're going to educate our kids about the harm of drugs. You've got to be kidding me,'' Gilmore said. "What's next? Are we going to legalize methamphetamines, cocaine?''

    The measure was opposed in testimony today by several police chiefs and law enforcement officials including Bob Cooke, former president of the California Narcotics Officers Assn., who predicted it would lead to an increase in crime. "The mere consideration of an attempt to trade human misery for tax dollars smacks of the cynical throwing away of countless human beings,'' Cooke told the committee.

    It is estimated that the bill would generate $1.3 billion a year in taxes and marijuana cultivation fees.

    January 12, 2010
    LA Times


  1. NeuroChi
    Can someone with sufficient knowledge on the topic provide some insight as to what will happen next?

    Specifically, what steps must occur for it to be 'legal', in every sense of the word.
  2. EscapeDummy
    The slippery slope logical fallacy argument; I love it. Not to mention that methamphetamines and coke are already "more legal" (if you will) than marijuana due to scheduling laws.

    And what the fuck does the bolded statement mean? He is speaking about marijuana, right? I can't find any sort of legitimate meaning behind that phrase.
  3. Don't fear the Reaper
    I think they are trying to simply demonize marijuana but, the way they've put it.. you could say the same for many other substances.

    Swim would like to know if this new law only is applicable for *Medical* Marijuana - regardless how easy it is to get a card for a dispensary. Is it purely legal to everybody over the age of 21 or must one have a reason for using it , a medical purpose..?
  4. CoryInJapan
    No,if california votes this in then it means that its legal to posses sell trade use between 21+ year old for any reason.Same as how a 21 year old can go and buy a beer. Legal to drink just not in public.

    So no selling weed on the corner.They would most likely slap you with federal charges and that would be selling illegal drugs.Since he didnt have the proper california issued licensing to sell. Im not 100 percent on how selling works but thats just my guess.

    as far as legality of cannabis goes is as I said.Legal for all california residents to smoke and have and buy from approved vendors.If they are talking about a 50 USD tax per ounce then obviously they plan to sell it.I wonder what dispencerys will be.Open to everyone.Open to only a limited member count acording to how many people they can provide for.

    Or you Pay a one time membership fee maybe to have access to all the good stuff because you know 7-11 is going to have that commercial crap.
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