California becomes 11th state to restrict salvia

By Alfa · Jul 26, 2008 · ·
  1. Alfa
    California becomes 11th state to restrict salvia
    10:51 AM, July 23, 2008

    Minors in California will no longer be able to buy the herb salvia legally. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill Tuesday that forbids the sale or distribution of salvia to minors. California is the eleventh state to apply some restrictions on use of the drug.

    Salvia, or Salvia divinorum, is an herb found in Mexico that was traditionally used by Mazatec Indians for healing. Dried salvia leaves can be smoked or chewed to produce a high that ranges from a minute to a half hour. Users report hallucinating, an out-of-body feeling and losing control over their movements. The fact that the herb can be purchased by anyone at tobacco shops and on the Internet has concerned some law enforcement and health officials who say the substance is dangerous. The Drug Enforcement Administration is studying whether to designate salvia as a controlled substance.

    The ban in California will take effect on Jan. 1, 2009. The bill was sponsored by Assemblyman Anthony Adams (R-Hesperia), who said this morning: "This bill had a tremendous amount of backing, and I'm grateful the governor recognized the wisdom of signing the bill."

    Salvia remains legal for adults, although it's not popular and many one-time users say they disliked the effects. The herb is also the subject of research to determine if it has legitimate therapeutic uses for the treatment of substance-abuse disorders, pain or depression.

    -- Shari Roan

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  1. Heretic.Ape.
    That's what I'm talking about! Prohibit sale to minors, don't just flat out ban substances. At first I thought they had joined the ranks of the reactionaries.
  2. Bajeda
    Title had me scared for a second there.
  3. Matt The Funk
    I'm actually all for this bill. Probably brought about by out-of-proportion media hype but, it has good intentions and is a step in the right direction.
  4. Hyperspaceblastoff
    rofl me 2
    and the funny thing is i read this article alrdy too
    shows u how faded i am
  5. Salvinorin A
    Almost shit swim's self.

    But.....hooray! Because swim thinks this will calm down the people who want it completely banned. This is probably even better than no restriction at all.......minors really shouldn't be using salvia...swim knows very few minors that are good with salvia. On the other hand.....knows a lot of dumbasses above 17 that shouldn't go near salvia......but at least they're legally responsible for themselves.

    SWIM is optimistic about this....hopefully other states will follow example.

  6. Doublefields
    So if swim is correct there was no age limit to buy salvia?
    Im unaware of the legal smoking age in CA but i assume would be similiar to the uk in the 16-18 range?
    So this seems ridiculous that it was available to minors when even tobacco(rightly IMO) isnt.
    This appears to be a very intelligent bill. Hopefully more places will follow suit, and not just on salvia.
  7. Panthers007
    Be nice if they passed a law in the state legislature making it unconstitutional by state law to outright outlaw ANY newly popularized substance - one could only file a law to make it age restricted. 18+.
  8. radiometer
    I can't see this significantly affecting supply of Salvia divinorum to minors in California, really. Head shops, at least in this area of California, are very anal about carding people, especially younger people - they might sell a t-shirt to a minor but they weren't selling salvia. Minors must already be getting their supply either from friends who are over 18 or via channels in which one can lie, such as online vendors.

    I do like the law, however.
  9. curious1
    wow swim was scared for a second too.

    when he read the title he thought "Damn I am lucky" because swim had 5 live salvias sent to him just last week. But SWIM is glad that they were sensible about the whole thing. He only hopes that other states take the same stance.
  10. nEone
    Yeesh - SWIM felt that falling sensation when he read the title of this article....but he has to agree - this is a positive measure. It's a little worrying that SWIM hadn't heard about the measure prior to now...but ultimately - he supports any kind of measure that opts to protect minors without limiting adults.

    Still, SWIM is now reconsidering trying to grow sally for a FOURTH time.
  11. curious1
    Though a little off topic SWIM would be glad to help SWIY in any way possible. Since for him growing sally has been a very positive experience and so far he hasn't had the problems that others have.

    SWIM was thinking about writing up a full wiki (w/ pics) on growing sally, and is wondering if any SWIMMERs would be willing to help out with that project.
  12. nEone
    ^^ Thanks for that...and by all post pics and instructions....there are a few grow-logs and threads about how simple and rewarding sally gardening can be. In SWIM's experience though...everything goes beautifully for a few weeks after receiving a cutting, only to see the leaves drop one by one until all thats left is a black pencil of regret where once there was a plant.

    SWIM watches auction sites for more established plants, or plants that are supposedly "acclimatized" to dry climates. But so far, they've been priced beyond his means. The new legislation though has added fuel to the fire and SWIM may try one last time to invest in cultivation.

    But yes, please post in the Salvia Forum or wiki. SWIM will be all ears.
  13. cra$h
    this is what needs to be done. now there's going to be no underground market, since there's going to be a very minimal profit, and politicians get a lot of backing when a kid fucks up. if they're an adult, they just blame the individual. perfect. swim hopes all states follow CA's example.
  14. AntiAimer
    Smurf has always thought it was 18.

    But good job arny.

    Even know Smurf disliked the effects he got from salvia, this is definitely a better approach to the "drug war".
  15. Panthers007
    One thing I particularly like about this law is that if they end up banning Salvia, after this law passes, - they will have to say: "Even though you are adults, you can't be trusted to take care of yourselves!"
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