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California weighs creating registry of medical pot users amid renewed federal crackdo

  1. salgoud
    SAN FRANCISCO — California has seven times as many residents as Colorado, but nearly nine times fewer medical-marijuana users, at least on paper.

    And as far as record-keepers know, the most populous state, home to the nation's first and most liberal medical-marijuana laws, also has a smaller number of pot patients than Arizona, Hawaii, Michigan and Montana.

    If those statistics look off-kilter, they should. The reality is that no one knows how many people are legally using marijuana in California because the state — with hundreds of pot stores and clinics that issue medical- marijuana recommendations — does not require residents to register as patients. Of the 16 states that allow the medicinal use of cannabis, it is one of only three without such a requirement.

    Now, with California's medical-marijuana industry laboring under a renewed federal crackdown that has forced many storefront dispensaries to close, a Democratic state lawmaker has introduced legislation that, if passed, would give authorities a much clearer count of the drug's bona fide consumer base.

    The bill would require anyone who wants to claim a legal right to use marijuana for health reasons to apply for a county-issued identification card. Marijuana patients also would have to say whether they plan to grow their own pot or to purchase it from a patient collective, and name the collective.

    The changes are designed to make it easier for police and sheriff's deputies to identify who can legally consume and grow marijuana and who is using medical-marijuana laws as a cover for illegal drug possession or dealing, supporters say.

    Related numbers


    Valid cardholders in California's voluntary marijuana registry, as of last June


    Cardholders in Colorado's mandatory marijuana registry, as of December

    Reported by the Associated Press on March 25, 2012
    Source: The Denver Post, http://www.denverpost.com/news/mari...ighs-creating-registry-medical-pot-users-amid


  1. beentheredonethatagain
    Re: California to require residents who use MMJ to register as patients

    how does that make you feel? I am not bothered by it, the only downside as i see it is you have to pay the doctor each year for a renewal , and then you again have to pay the county for their card and i believe the county charges a couple hundred, and the doctors recommendation renewal is 45, so the money is the down side, the up side is the cops have a data base to verify imunity from arrest, where as now they may arrest you and let the courts sort it out.
  2. salgoud
    Re: California to require residents who use MMJ to register as patients

    Yes it is much different in Colorado, one sees a doctor specializing in MMJ prescriptions, then you send your paperwork to the State in Denver, for a fee of a tank of gas for a 10 gallon tank (don't want to break the rules and talk about prices even though it for a MMJ license), and if one is disabled like me, it is free. Then they take your picture and send you your card, but in the mean time one can obtain MMJ for ones medical condition. However, as you see in a previous article, two undercover police officers obtained a script (which lasts a year) from two doctors in Laramie County and were busted for giving scripts to these undercover police who said they have no medical condition. Well, I guess that is the doctors' fault. But it shows how they are trying to police the MMJ industry which creates many jobs for the unemployed.

    I no longer smoke it anyway, because my doctor who prescribes Suboxone to me does not consider marijuana medical, and if you come up with a hot UA for THC he will drop you from his program. But I still support the complete legalization of marijuana that will be on the November ballot. In fact three different initiatives will be on if the other two get the required 86,000 signatures to place those on the ballot also. They are all slightly different. As far as California, since I don't live there it has no impact on me or MMJ patients, however it is bullshit. The Federal Government as marijuana gets closer and closer to full legalization, they are cracking down more and more. Haven't they heard of Amendment 10 of the U.S. Constitution? Obviously not. Let the states decide, and let the Feds suck on their thumbs. That's how I feel. In Colorado, you just show your card Certified by the State, and the cops can't bother you unless you are possession of more than two ounces and smoking it outside, instead of the privacy of ones home.

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