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  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    With California poised to legalize recreational marijuana through Proposition 64 in November, California’s existing marijuana cultivators in Mendocino County are looking to protect their highest quality buds by applying for wine-style appellations.

    The Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports that Justin Calvino, a “onetime Haight-Ashbury dope dealer,” is attempting to organize a formal designation, “Cannabis County,” for a specific geographically-defined region known to produce the state’s best crop.

    The hope is to protect Mendocino farmers through “a legally defined and protected geographical identification system similar to what’s used in the wine industry.”

    The Press Democrat explains:

    The idea is to call out regional influences — known in the wine world as terroir — including the amount of sun and water plants get, soils and farming innovation passed from generation to generation dating back to the 1960s.

    “Just like you have Anderson Valley pinot noir, you’d have Anderson Valley pineapple,” Calvino said, referring to a whimsically named strain of pot. “The pineapple grows the way it does because it enjoys the same regional and environmental effects as the wine.”

    Calvino hopes to divide Cannabis County further into small subregions, each known for the unique flavor of marijuana grown in specific climates. Official appellations will bring protection from cheap competition, and also a sense of legitimacy to what has, until very recently, been an illicit enterprise.

    Proposition 64 is almost certain to pass, despite opposition from law enforcement and from consumer groups concerned that pot would be advertised on television and other media accessible to children. A recent poll by the University of California Berkely Institute of Governmental Studies found that 63.8% of California’s registered voters support the measure.

    As Breitbart News’ Chriss Street has noted, California’s marijuana industry could near $7 billion in value if Proposition 64 passes, with $1 billion in new tax revenue annually for the state.

    By Joel P. Pollack - Breitbart/Aug. 28, 2016
    Photo: Casper Girl, flickr
    Newshawk Crew

    Author Bio

    BT2H is a retired news editor and writer from the NYC area who, for health reasons, retired to a southern US state early, and where BT2H continues to write and to post drug-related news to DF.


  1. TheBigBadWolf
    So they are already planning on an Appellation d'origine controlée ?
    Nutjobs, the Californians, but a good marketing idea.

  2. Mr. Harley
    I'm new here, but this seems to be a good thread to ask. Our new governor (United States) is pro-medical marijuana, and we've had both Republicans and Democrats propose medical marijuana bills before, so this may get passed here. I've virtually no experience with marijuana, but if the a medical marijuana passes, may will end up trying it due to progressive early onset Degenerative Spinal Disease. Opioids are not an option right now due to a testing scam ($840 first visit and every three months) inside my local medical group, and my states aggressive stance on pain meds.

    Having had a friend who was a heavy user and seen this first hand, I am very concerned over the reported short term memory loss, though at this point I don't trust anti-drug so-called factual articles, either. A poster on another site mentioned to me that there are cultivars - clearly identified plant strains for non-gardeners - that will actually minimize memory loss, and are better for pain control and anti-inflammatory properties (I'm taking the max dose of an anti-inflammatory that may very well stop my heart, but that and wearing a back brace most of the time are my only legal way to remain functional at this time). Since I am a custodial dad, I am simply not going to take anything illegal, even if it will be safer and more effective.
  3. beentheredonethatagain
    This ridiculous !!! California will always have high quality buds to buy, most of the weed in southern California is grown indoors .
  4. Beenthere2Hippie
    I agree that California's weed will likely be just fine.

    Keep in mind that the paper that published this story, Breitbart (owned by Andrew Brietbart), is a highly conservative paper whose politics run against drug legalization.

    But it's good to know the rumors those on the other side are bandying about and for what they want to see take place on their own watch, if they get one, politically.
  5. beentheredonethatagain
    Soon well not tomorrow soon but soon there will major major we are talking major outdoor but mostly indoor grow warehouses are now legally permitted by a couple small socal cities have now issued / sold licenses to large money grow corporations that once in full swing will churn out enormous amounts of medical cannabis, they are the only two cities in the south that has allowed the zoning and permits for such an operation, the Humboldt/ menacino,and the other, Humboldt are the northern counties that have such same law.

    Look up coachella and desert hot springs , they are pioneers in a huge step in the right direction..
    It helps us fight the war on us. The governments war on drugs is a war on us the citezns of the world .. It effects all of us globally..

    Here is the huge problem that has not ever been addressed.. Take notes guys

    They (government) are telling you that in case of an earthquake or similar disaster that we all should have prepared an earthquake supply kit.
    They say have a flashlight, batteries ,water,canned goods,medicines, etc.
    Sounds good but wait back up , medicines that are life essential for some, those meds are so tightly squeezed that I can't get a single extra pill, those ? Well guess what, every person that has taken pills everyday are now fucked and fucked badly !!! Those they should have in their kit, is not going to be in anyone's earthquake kit or any other kit because of (them) our peers.
    All the misery when pain management patients all go into heavy withdraws for the first time.. What's going to happen then?...

  6. rawbeer
    I've read the story and struggle to understand how this headline is relevant. It clearly implies some imminent drop in marijuana quality, yet the story says nothing to support this. It's just about applying territorial labels to weed, and nothing else. How that would actually effect the quality of cannabis is beyond me. It's about labeling. So in a sense it's a step towards ensuring quality and expectations.

    Anything associated with Breitbart should be taken with a grain of salt. That's guy's better off dead, but his media legacy lives on. From the rumors I've heard he was more of a coke guy than anything else, and some of the videos I've seen of him really support that!
  7. Mr. Harley
    The proposal is designed to do exactly that, protect the quality/consumer expectations via legally protected labeling. The "flooded cheap quality weed" is a purported reason for this, and you are correct in that the claims are not soundly backed up with numbers. I can, say, however, that people growing superior or specialty cannabis have a right to be worried, as economically unregulated premium markets will often see a "race to the bottom."

    It will be interesting to see this play out, as until Cannabis is off the Class 1 Controlled substance list, I don't see how you can enforce the names of the pot, the growing regions, etc. as Intellectual Property laws are almost solely a Federal Issue. You could probably enforce it ONLY for the intrastate market. That brings up an interesting set of areas for fraud, and Intellectual Property grabs with large well-connected companies making grabs for names, just like addresses in the early days of the internet.

    I would strongly suggest any growers or breeders of Cannabis start documenting things, as if there is Federal Legislation taking Cannabis off Schedule 1, large companies or clever marketers are going to make a grab for all those names. Plus anyone who actually bred a superior cultivar can get patent protection for 20 years. "Pemmican" which is the name for a Native American jerky with berries has become trademarked with the name now "owned" by Con Agra. Native Americans cannot sell any pemmican they list on the open market under that name - nobody challenged it within the first five years it was trademarked. So if any of you want to do a favor to your favorite grower/coop - however it is done in California - hook them up with a good IP lawyer. :)
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