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  1. chillinwill
    Staff Analysis Looks At Bill To Legalize, Tax Marijuana

    Californians use about 1 million pounds of marijuana a year or nearly a half-ounce for every person in the state, according to a staff analysis from the Board of Equalization.

    The legislative analysis considers a proposal by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D- San Francisco, to legalize pot and impose a $50 per ounce fee on retail marijuana sales in California, Sacramento television station KCRA reported.

    According to BOE estimates, if Ammiano's bill were enacted, it would bring about $1.4 billion into the state's coffers.

    Among other finds, the report also estimated the street value of marijuana would decline 50 percent, consumption would increase 40 percent, and the $50 per ounce fee would reduce usage by 11 percent.

    Board of Equalization staffers estimated 22.3 million pounds of marijuana were grown in California in 2006, and the state exports about 8.6 million pounds annually.

    The BOE estimated the value of marijuana grown in California at $35.8 billion.

    March 9, 2010

    The report can be found at here.


  1. ComfortablyNumb
    i want to go LA even more now :D
  2. Memoryburner
    oooh....its only gonna be like a few more months until we get legal bud in the stores :) hopefully its as good of quality as they sell at the dispensaries.
  3. guldenat
    I assume swiMemoryburner is a native of California. What is your opinion on the odds that this bill will be passed? You sound optimistic, which in turn makes me optimistic.
  4. Memoryburner
    I don't actually live in CA at the moment...but I am from there and am only out of state temporarily....And i think the chances of this bill getting passed are very high :thumbsup: There has been a push to legalize for quite a while now
  5. Terrapinzflyer
    The turtles aardvark lives in Northern California- and does not know a soul who will be voting for it. It is a power grab by Lee and cronies, THE big business folks that have made millions on medical marijuana. It will essentially re-criminalize all the growers who produce the countries top grade marijuana. It will destroy the economy north of San Francisco. The average pot smoker may go for it- but there will be an odd coalition of conservatives and the northern california marijuana industry (and all the communities whose livelihood depends on those illegal dollars) voting against it.

    Its a bad bill, and the fact is- marijuana is already essentialy legal, and the medical marijuana laws are far less restrictive then this will be (currently 30 plants allowed in the aardvarks county- this law would limit grows to 25 sq ft). Likewise, the feds have largely backed down on all but the biggest violators of the med mj scene here- feeling is they will NOT tolerate legalization.
  6. CoryInJapan
    Haha I love this.This is a great time to be a californian.

    If you live here make sure to register and vote and dont be lazy because swiy got to stoned...thats not an excuse this time haha.
  7. EscapeDummy
    terrapinz, is it really that poorly written of a bill? Swim also lives in northern california, goes to a large college campus, and he would say there is STRONG support for this bill, amonsgst smoking students and even many non-smokers. The school newspaper has written and advocated it, and there are numerous facebook groups in support. I don't think anyone (myself included) read the wording of the bill, the sentiment is "YEAH LEGALIZE IT". Swim's even been approached by people downtown trying to gain signatures for the bill; they sure had a lot of signatures. This worries me now, swim honestly didn't even stop to consider that this might be some bureaucratic power bill, he just thought of purchasing marijuana at 7-11 :s
  8. Terrapinzflyer
    ^^ a lot of it is what the bill doesn't say. Basically it sets things up for incredibly tight regulation of the industry- and the sentiment among many is that no one w/o a huge cashroll (and mind you- it will likely be a situation where the money must be shown as "legal" eliminating much of the traditional CA marijuana industry), will be able to meet the regulations for commercial production.

    Lee, behing Oaksterdam University among other ventures, pain in excess of 1 million dollars to have the signatures gathered for this, and it seems pretty clear he is planning on being part of the monopoly and making his money back many fold.

    And as I already said- the 25sq ft rule is a far cry from what is currently legal under med mj rules, and many feel if this bill passes CA med mj laws will be severely tightened.

    Goodbye local grower, hello warehouse weed.
  9. Memoryburner
    so basically, a lot of what you said was speculation?
  10. Terrapinzflyer
    maybe- but educated speculation from people who know Lee and cronies, have read the full text of the bill and understand the system more then well enough.

    Was it speculation months ago when folks here said mephedrone would be banned and likely take down a number of other substances with it? Yes. But Ireland already passed the ban and it is now quite clear the UK will be following step shortly. There is a huge difference between uneducated speculation and educated speculation.
  11. charlottesometimes
    technically this has already been legalized. afoaf has a card, buys in a dispensary.


    we need federal legalization- or we need the FEDS to stay out of our state law
  12. EscapeDummy
    It's been legalized for medical use, which is different than actually being legalized. Cocaine similarly has "technically" been legalized, a doc can write a prescription for it, were swius' condition to warrant it. So that point is kind of moot. Also, federal legalization is a dream - and political suicide for any president. Put another way, those who become elected president are not the types who would legalize marijuana in the first place. Those guys get rooted out well before the primaries.
  13. miester_jager
    [QUOTE=EscapeDummy; Put another way, those who become elected president are not the types who would legalize marijuana in the first place..[/QUOTE]
    SWIM dont know old barraka has gt to of toked up back in the day and SWIM just wishs the uk could contend with this instead of the (4mmc) MEPHEDRONE epidemic
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