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  1. beentheredonethatagain
    Marijuana wine now available at CA vineyards


    There are definitely some entrepreneurs in the Napa/Sonoma area of Northern California’s infamous wine country. We aren’t talking about regular wine either. This wine has had a pound or more of medical marijuana marinating in each cask for 9 months or more.

    This is considered a healthier alternative to beer wine or green dragon. A glass of red wine per day has been shown to significantly increase heart health. Beer and Everclear have no known health benefits.

    While these bottles of weed wine are not currently in dispensaries, but may be soon. Should they reach dispensaries, we at cannabissearch.com recommend you do not use this substance if you use medical marijuana for depression. The reason is that alcohol exacerbates depression and drinking weed wine would be counterproductive.

    Look for this delicious substance coming to a dispensary near you. We will keep you posted on what dispensaries carry it, as we find out.

    Source: cbsnews.comby Eric Wieland | April 24, 2012 01:29:36 AM CDT


  1. VagabondWraith
    Awesome... I'll have a new red to serve at family dinner :D:thumbsup:
  2. Alien Sex Fiend
    IT IS BULLSHIT THAT ALCOHOL WILL MAKE ANYONE"S DEPRESSION WORSE. Stoners at it again, claiming that weed is somehow better than wine. I believe they meant Alcohol/Weed
    combo will depress your system more. This means this combo will work as a stronger downer on your body. It means that you are going to have less paranoia but it will be harder to breathe and your motor functions will be more affected by the intoxication. Anybody who smoked pot while drinking alcohol knows what I'm talking about. A half a gram + 4 beers will make you feel like you had about 10beers alone.
  3. Mindless

    I try to avoid the use of labels like 'Stoner' when discussing the relative merits or hazards of different drugs. It is easy to fall into the mistake of being divisive, when in reality we are all in it together.

    I use cannabis daily and alcohol occasionally, and do catch an enjoyable buzz from this combination. I dare say it does lead to increased intoxication and less coordinated motor functions. I have seen some references to respiratory depression with cannabis use, but as far as I can tell there are no reports of death or respiratory failure as a result of cannabis and alcohol use. I suppose the way to deal with this is not to drink a large amount of alcohol mixed with cannabis, and to avoid activities such as driving or operating machinery. I imagine one or two glasses of the wine in question would be sufficient.

    Alcohol misuse can also cause problems with mood. The link between depression, low mood, and excessive use of alcohol is well documented. There is some debate about causal relationships between depression and alcohol use, but the link is not 'bullshit'. Chronic heavy drinking lowers mood and often leads to suicide or self harm (Madden 1993). Self harm and suicide are more common in those with alcohol use problems, and most depressed drinkers experience improvement in mood within a few weeks of ceasing alcohol use (The Royal College of Psychiatrists 2010).

    Fergusson et al (2009) found that
    "At all ages, alcohol abuse or dependence was associated with an increased risk of major depression—those who fulfilled criteria for alcohol abuse or dependence were 1.9 times more likely to also fulfill criteria for major depression."


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  4. Alicia
    Awww Cool beans. I kinda love the feeling of being drunk and stoned at the same time although too much can really makes things a little hectic. movement becomes more amusing.
  5. shroooom
    Doesn't mixing alcohol and weed normally cause unpleasant reactions?

    Don't get me wrong, I know that doesn't apply to everyone. I for one love to mix the two! But I'd much rather have beer though..
  6. beentheredonethatagain
    for me i have mixed views on this, one i am an alcoholic , if I drink I go too far, and fast.

    I have drank one lager pint today and feel if I have another my head will feel bad, My pot that I toked on has my head already faded, . I will glady try this "wine tincture" if you will, but I believe the alcohol and weed combo will be just that , a weaker tincture.

    It actually sounds sooo good, maybe just the right mix, that perfect blend of a two depresants. well it may not be a good way to put it, but you catch my drift.?
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