Call for ban on 'legal high' drug: Mephedrone

By Rightnow289 · May 1, 2009 · ·
  1. Rightnow289
    Psychiatrists are calling for a drug being sold as "a legal high" to be made illegal.


    The drug, 4-MMC, has a similar effect to ecstasy and is being freely sold as a "designer drug" on internet sites.
    But a team of psychiatrists from Glasgow's Stobhill Hospital have warned it is addictive and can cause hallucinations and psychotic behaviour.
    The government said its drug advisers were aware of 4-MMC and the issue was due to be discussed next month.
    The drug, which is snorted up the nose, has already been banned by a variety of countries, including Denmark, Finland and Israel.
    It is thought 4-MMC is based on cathinone, the active ingredient in the plant khat, commonly used as a stimulant in East Africa.
    The drug is sold by a host of websites and generally costs between £90 and £100 for 10 grammes - more than cocaine and ecstasy can often be found for.
    Psychiatrist Dr Neeraj Bajaj, who will be addressing the Royal College of Psychiatrists' Faculty of Addictions conference in Edinburgh on Thursday, said: "It seems to be a new drug that is being imported into the country.
    "It is particularly attractive to people who do not want to break the law and buy drugs on the street. But it is just as dangerous."
    Dr Bajaj will tell the conference about a case he dealt with recently involving a young professional man.
    The married man started buying 4-MMC online and used it for 18 months.
    By the end he was using it twice a week and had started experiencing hallucinations as well as agitation, excitability and mania.


    He was dependent on the drug and had to be admitted into a hospital psychiatric in-patient unit.
    Dr Bajaj said he did not know how many people were using the drug in the UK, but said internet forums showed it was popular among young people who were going out to clubs and bars.
    "It is very similar to ecstasy. It gives people confidence and a feeling of euphoria, but it seems to be very addictive."
    The Home Office said the UK's Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, which advises the government, was aware of 4-MMC and the issue of so-called legal highs was due to be discussed next month.
    A spokesman added: "If a compelling case is made for any 'legal high' to be added to the list of controlled drugs because they pose a significant health and social problem, we will not hesitate to seek Parliament's agreement to do so."

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  1. Dissociative
    I hate how governments are always looking for any type of substance that changes your state of mind, regardless of how harmful it may really be. I can go skydiving but I can't eat a fungus because it causes hallucinations. I can get completely wasted from alcohol and then smoke cigarettes until I get cancer and die, but I can't smoke marijuana, even though its effects are far, far less harmful, just because it can actually make you happy.
  2. enquirewithin
    The process is spreading from one European country to another.
  3. fnord
    Someday the only way to "legally" get high will be drink your self silly on mouthwash while huffing gasoline and injecting jenkam.

    Thank god we have our governments to protect us!
  4. enquirewithin
    People are driven back to illegal drugs which less pure and more harmful. :(
  5. fidelcatsro
    Bound to happen, just amazing others slip under the rader so well.
    SWIM has a back up plan incase of this as certain other legals are just as nice.
  6. raver247
    ive gone through mephedrone and methylone off alot of sites i like to experiment,
    and i must admit alot of the batches of mephedrone out they does make u paronoid and does cause nose bleeds n all but i ave never experienced nose bleeds off it im a hardcore drugs user been usin for ten years fed up of pills n all cos no mdma in em
    its all gone tits up they cant label mephedrone as dangerous yea alot of sites the batches are diffrent i was never gonna touch it again until i found a site where it worked for me n never been paronoid off it went out friday had a bangin nite dancin all nite no anxiety or paronoia i loved it it aint addictive but everyones diffrent n if they ban it they just wankers because someone else will come up wid sommin diffrent,methylone i fink is paronoid shit ive gone off it a bit now i wud love to kno wats in these chemicals that triggers off the paronoia same as speed
  7. ianzombie
    Why does Swiy believe that Mephedrone is not Dangerous or Addictive?
  8. pottsy
    Mephedrone is very addictive and seems to be very harmful in comparison to mdma. The quicker it is made illegal the better! Might speed up the return of good quality mandy!
  9. Space Numpty
    Where does SWIY get the notion that Meph is less harmful than "illegal drugs"? Thats not a statement SWIY can support with evidence and SWIM is surprised such a good SWIMmer as made such a wildly sweeping comment. The dangers of more common "street drugs" are well documented, the dangers of RC's are not.
  10. Electric Wizard
    Perhaps SWIEW meant the contaminants are more harmful? :s
    SWIM would still expect mephedrone to be more harmful than anything else he takes to be honest.
  11. enquirewithin
    The chemical is usually known as 'mephedrone', the same as the one which gets people high. Stimulants will tend to cause paranoia and anxiety when used in excess of over a period of time. Mephedrone is less powerful than 'speed' so it takes longer to get 'paranoid.'
  12. gregzy
    Agreed, A lot of dealers in smim's area have stopped selling (or selling little of) speed, mdma and cocaine as many people are turning to mephedrone.

    Its crazy when you can get a gram of mephedrone faster than alchohol, and at any time since in the UK alcohol is only sold between 10am & 10pm!
  13. enquirewithin
    Since when has prohibition of drugs helped drug users?:thumbsdown:
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