‘Call Me Burroughs’ by Barry Miles

By enquirewithin · Feb 11, 2014 ·
  1. enquirewithin
    But Barry Miles’ huge, engaging, vignette-crammed biography “Call Me Burroughs” throws a bit of cold water on all aspects of the Burroughs legend. It’s a door-stopper of a reminder that while, as a writer, Burroughs led us into the eye of the storm of the subconscious, as a man he let his family and some of his friends down and spent an inordinate amount of his lifetime scoring and using drugs. Miles, who has written a lot about Beat writers, including biographies of Kerouac and Ginsberg, doesn’t judge his subject, and yet Burroughs emerges as a largely unsympathetic and sad figure.

    By Matthew Gilbert | GLOBE STAFF JANUARY 25, 2014

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