Call to ban legal drug by Oxford expert

By Rightnow289 · Aug 8, 2009 · ·
  1. Rightnow289
    A LEGAL drug available over the counter of a city centre shop is set to be banned after it was declared dangerous by a Government drug adviser.

    An Oxford University professor has highlighted concern about Spice, which is a herbal smoking mixture stronger than some strains of cannabis.

    Our reporter bought a three gram pouch of the Gold Spirit version of the product for £30 from Tiger Lily, in New Road.

    The ‘legal high’ is already banned in Germany and France because of fears of psychological damage.

    The US Drugs Enforcement Administration (DEA) has described the smoking mix as “stealth marijuana”.

    Professor Leslie Iversen, chairman of the technical committee at the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, said he expected it to be outlawed.

    He said: “We all view this as being particularly serious. It’s a very clever product, sold as a herbal smoking mixture from China, but containing chemicals which can be a lot more potent than cannabis.

    “Users have no idea what they are taking. As a result they are running a considerable risk of overdosing, which is not only unpleasant, but potentially quite dangerous.”

    The only ingredients listed on the packet are “dried flower, leaves and aroma extracts”, but analsyis has shown packages are laced with synthetic chemicals which mimic cannabis. Prof Iversen said these could trigger pyschosis and schizophrenia, while German scientists found former Spice users suffered withdrawal symptoms including nausea, depression and anxiety attacks.

    The Home Office will next week publish advice from its Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs which will call for the substance to be banned.

    Legislation to outlaw it is expected to be passed by the end of the year.

    Tiger Lily owner Mick Durham, who sells the products to over-18s, said people should be free to use Spice in private.

    He said: “It is tremendously popular. We have had people saying they don’t like it, but no-one has ever said it is anything worse than drinking too much alcohol.

    “The clever thing would be to tell people what’s in it and whether there are problems and let them make up their own minds.”

    Harry Shapiro, of charity Drugscope, said other drugs would soon replace Spice if it were banned.

    The Government has yet to classify Spice under the Misuse of Drugs Act, so its sale is still legal.

    However, it has been banned in Guernsey.

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  1. missparkles
    Simple...educate them.

    Swim isn't quite sure what this means? Potentially quite dangerous?
    So is a bottle of Scotch if the person drinking it is unaware of it's effects. But the government put adverts on TV explaining what a unit is and how many it's safe to drink. Maybe adverts telling people of the potentially "quite" dangerous side effects would work. Sounds like a brilliant idea.
    Or just ban potentially "quite" dangerous Scotch.
    But you just know it ain't gonna happen...don't you? ;)
  2. Rightnow289
    Pacman isn't sure but thought it was pretty impossible to overdose from this stuff?
  3. missparkles
    That's why it's described as potentially "quite" dangerous. A donut is just that, after all you could choke on it. Donuts don't have health warnings as far as I know. "Potentially" means "could have", and "quite" can mean anything you want it to mean.
    It's a way of describing something that needs to be used carefully and putting a "spin" on it to give it the appearance of a lethal substance.
    Most people who have no idea about drugs are gonna think you can die if you sit in the same room with it.
    Yeah...gross exaggeration. So is this substances description too. But you get my drift...yes?
  4. JJBandit
    My mate swim wonders if they are going all the wrong way about this whole situation. The companies have to put on these packs "not for human consumption" as they have apparently not been tested on humans enough to know of any lasting side effects. by doing this, it leaves them open to not having to include an ingredients list, as its advertised as not for human consumption.

    it would be better to label them as not fully tested or something (not a great idea, but you get swim's point i hope", but have a full list of ingredients on the pack, so people who are allergic to specific things can check, which would then lower the risk of someone getting seriously injured. it would also give companies who are at risk of a law suit if someone did have an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients, they would be able to say that all ingredients are fully labeled on the packet.

    however they then wouldnt be covered from any long term side effects that we dont know about yet due to lack of time actually testing these products.. a bit of a viscious circle, but swim believes there must be a way around.
  5. Rainbowzz
    oh because ALCHOHOL doesnt have severe withdrawl affects that can KILL you.

    But lets not study this, lets just ban it, because OMGWTFBBQ it might cause reefer madness!

    What a LAME decision.

    SWIM loves when they totally forget that the one legal drug tends to be worse than most of the others.

    Also EVERY drug has the potential to be "quite" dangerous for some - people have allergies and such!
  6. cannabis-sam
    Well this guy is obviously a twat. I don't believe very much is known about this chemical in general, last time I checked (which was a while back to be fair) I couldn't even find an LD-50 rating for it, so I don't have a clue how toxic it is but niether does anybody else. (Although I'm sure one of the more expert members could find the relevant studies on how JWH-018 and other chemicals interact the cannabinoid receptors).

    Now I don't believe there is any conclusive evidence (contrary to what the daily mail will tell you) that cannabis causes psychosis, so to jump from the evidence on THC which is still weak to say that "Spice can cause schizophrenia and psychosis" is absolutely rediculous and not in any way truthful.

    I agree not enough is known about this chemical but they forget that the reason these chemicals, that are potentially more dangerous than cannabis are being sold is exactly because the safe, well researched natural form of cannabis is illegal and people are trying to fill a gap in the market especially where, thanks to prohibition the quality of cannabis has become unnacceptabley poor. I doubt that if cannabis were legal anybody would use spice as SWIM found the high to be similar but the smell, taste, feeling in the throat were all unpleasent when compared to real cannabis.

    The only reason these products aren't labelled properly is because they wouldn't be allowed to sell it for human consumption.
  7. maletwickenham
    This really annoys me. I really don't understand where the government gets off by banning stuff that is allowing them to make money. If they keep it legal it is taxed and the taxes can be used to go into health care or as the government likes weapons and the army... Because killing people on a battle field is soooooo much better than people choosing to take drugs that COULD kill them.

    Swim was doing some drugs and came up with an idea that I feel would work. An extreme drugs act which would include all the bad bad ones such as heroin, meth, datura ( WHY ONLY BAN ENJOYABLE STUFF!!). So the government could then use all the money they gain to go into health care and understanding. I mean having LSD as a class A when datura is legal.

    And what every one else says, drink and tobacco are not "Safe" so why are they legal? Well every time you ask someone who should know like a police officer the answer is because they are not illegal and some police officers have said they love to drink... The real resaon to why it is not illegal in my mind is because they cannot enforce it.

    Swim was recently retained by the police and when he told them he had taken morning glory seeds they told him he should not be looking to mimic a Class A drug but going out and drinking like all 21 year olds. What difference does the drug make out of the eyes of the law :S.

    Well this comment was was a bit pointless but very tired and I feel I should post it anyway.

    should state do not take drugs though they are evil and only Swim does drugs that I know.
  8. Piano_man
    The jig is up.

    These blend producers need to start giving ingredients and dosages, they've got nothing to lose.
    At least then there'd be some sort of harm-reduction argument for keeping them legal. I'm not saying such an argument would be successful, but it would be something.

    It's probably too late for the uk, but there might be countries out there that might not bother to ban cannabinoids.

    I would love to see a jwh-018 pill with a given dose and instructions on it's use (as with bzp). Even if it was just on the market for one day. Then I could say to myself and others;

    "see this here, this is how it should be done".
  9. thepieman1
    I think it lasts too long when consumed orally. It lasts longer (than marijuana) anyway when smoked.
  10. cocoabean
    idiots who are afraid of truth and open minded and mind expansion simple as fear and loathing film aomw will just never experiance it somthing which is beautiful when used wisly says it all oxford student jak willis clothing and platnium bank cards is there rush and expensive whiskey and cockey pritty rugby boys who love alcohol :(
    i cant talk about students in posh schools drives me mad that we have to be seperated by class and spat on if not rich.

    just the look off him looks evil or its his first packet he brought to try it out some fella or street tricked into taking photo for press. he look lonley and depressed anyway needs a bit of spice in his life lol.
  11. Subvert
    The man holding the packet dosen't look verry happy,
    Perhaps he should try a little Spice.

    SWIM quite likes these blends with synthetic cannabinoids, as he no longer smokes the real deal but his main health concern is the actual smoke itself but Is sure It works orally - Happy days.
  12. thepieman1
    Doesn't it last like, an insane amount of time when consumed orally?
  13. nibble
    Does anyone know why what appears to be a packet of "Spice Gold Spirit" seems to have the word "Original" in place of Spice? I have never seen that before..
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