Call to tighten anti-smoking rules

By buseman · Jun 1, 2010 · ·
  1. buseman
    Anti-smoking campaigners have called for pictures of the health effects of smoking to be emblazoned across 80% of cigarette packs in future.

    They used World No Tobacco Day to mount a new offensive at the European Parliament in Brussels, warning against the seductive promotion of cigarettes - including the packaging itself.

    Instead they want graphic depictions of diseased organs to accompany prominent written warnings that smoking kills.

    The call came after last week's pledge from the EU's new Consumer Health Commissioner John Dalli of legislation soon to tighten up existing anti-smoking rules.

    "Today's World No Tobacco Day is a good opportunity to remind Europeans what tobacco consumption means for their health and lives," Mr Dalli said.

    "It means sickness, suffering and premature death. I believe the time has come to strengthen our efforts to fight tobacco and its health consequences.

    With this in mind, the commission will soon launch a public consultation on the possible revision of the Tobacco Products Directive".

    Earlier the Smoke Free Partnership (SFP) told a conference in the European Parliament that it wants compulsory picture warnings - showing diseased organs - and standardised packaging of cigarettes across the EU.

    "The tobacco industry uses multimillion-dollar promotional campaigns, including carefully crafted package designs, to trap new users, especially young women," said SFP director Florence Berteletti.

    "The tobacco pack is a 'silent salesman', carefully designed with a particular customer in mind.

    For instance, cigarettes for women are often packaged in slim, long packs, often with pastel or toned down colours, to meet perceived desires to appear feminine and sophisticated."

    She said Mr Dalli's review of the Tobacco Products Directive was a chance to introduce compulsory and graphic warnings and standardised packaging in the EU.

    The SFP, an independent grouping of the European Respiratory Society, Cancer Research UK and the European Heart Network, said health warnings on cigarette packets, including dramatic pictures, can motivate smokers to quit, as well as reducing the appeal of tobacco for those not yet addicted.

    But only six out of 27 EU countries have introduced warnings with pictures on tobacco packs. France recently became the sixth by announcing it will do so from 2012, joining Belgium (2006), Romania (2008), the UK (2008), Latvia (2010) and Malta (2011).

    1st June 2010

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  1. mushyword
    Arent the EU a little behind in this respect? In mushymans country there have been graphic pictures of diseased organs on all cigarette packages for quite awhile, along with warnings about disease, death and harm done during pregnancy. There has also been a recent tax increase along with 2 more increases to come in the near future. Is mushymans country just ahead in this respect? mushyman would be suprised if this was the case.
  2. dyingtomorrow
    It's kind of scary how far the anti-smoking campaigning is going. People already know cigarettes are bad for you, and these rules and taxes are getting closer and closer to just outright prohibition.

    In the United States, in many states you can't even have a privately owned business where you allow smoking inside. Restaurants aren't allowed to have smoking sections anymore. Cigarettes are taxed so badly it is ridiculous. When I think of how many poor people's quality of life is horribly reduced by the extra $4.00 in tax they throw on each pack of cigarettes it makes me sick.

    If they want to ban smoking in public, I could live with that, and I understand where non-smokers are coming from. Although I think it's ridiculous that they complain about a miniscule amount of smoke from a person 10 feet away, but a truck drives by and spews concentrated oily smoke in their face which is 1,000 times worse, and that's okay.

    All of this anti-smoking propaganda is just edging us closer and closer to the day when you can't even decide to do personally unhealthy things any more. That's what scares me most about socialized healthcare in the U.S. - having the government have a financial interest in prohibiting things that are bad for your health is a frightening thing.
  3. salviablue
    I agree wholeheartedly with dt, but don't forget that most of those poor wouldn't be having their quality of life reduced if it wasn't for the allowing by the governments of the massive advertising and general ecceptance of tobacco companies and tobacco smoking in the first place.
    If it wasn't such an easy £ for the governments, they could and possibly would have put an end to it decades ago.
    The easiest way to stop the further spread of tobacco addictions is to stop the profit.
    How many companies do you think would continue to make, market and ship tobacco products knowing that they will not be making any profit, or at least so little profit that making/trading in anything else will make more profit?

    The power is in the hands of the consumer and governments combined. If people where to grow and/or cure their own, and its sale illegal, there would not be the massive issues that there currently are.

    True, we could go back and say that its the fault of those new world pioneer tycoons, that saw a cheap product that they could alter then market back home, but in all reality what relevant changed since then, only that the market has gotten bigger.

    There is too much money in this game, it will not die easily. It will wither and be strangled, but not before everyone whom possibly can has milked it for all the profits it can bleed.....
  4. Johnnynapples
    Why dose it make you sick? these " poor people " spend what money they have to fuel their unhealthy addiction . Calculate how much money swim would save a year by cutting out costs of tobacco or cigarettes. Swim will see that swim would SAVE more money.

    Sway " an ex smoker " believes there absolutely should be pictures of diseased organs on everything that is tobacco. Why is it that even knowing all the risks, or dangers of smoking tobacco one continues to smoke? Addiction, why is it that a substance so addictive and deadly is legal to the public? Drugs are illegal for what reason? because they are considered to cause nothing but trouble and are bad for your health . would one not consider mass death or cancer from tobacco use a problem among the people? what sway really does not get is how these people see fit to keep cigarettes on the open market knowing how addictive and dangerous they are but arrest one for distributing a far less addictive, " less dangerous" substance? money, its sad that the only thing that matters in this case is money, not swims life or health, they couldn't care any less.

    Sway is glad smoking is now banned in bars, bowling alleys, restaurants, and so many feet from a public place in his area. Non smokers should not have to be subject to this disgusting smoke of which this substance creates or the death of which it promises. While banning tobacco use in public is a good thing . Think about those who have quit smoking. Think if smoking was accepted in public. Now think of how much more difficult it would be for someone who has kicked the habit from relapsing. There was nothing Wrong with this move, its more of a positive more because after all what positive comes out of tobacco ?

    Not everyday dose swim have a oil rig drive by and dump hazardous chemicals on their face. Sway really dose not think swim should be comparing tobacco smokers to oil rigs hauling chemicals. If swim can compare smoking tobacco to an oil rig spewing chemicals in their face then swim knows there is something wrong with the picture. Though sway dose agree that oil rigs do take a nasty toll on our environment and sway is glad more environment friendly alternatives are being made.

    Sway says he is not against swims freedom to smoke.
    The truth should be out there and spoken.
  5. coolhandluke
    swim doesn't mind that smoking just was banned in restaurants, but bars, come on. people are fine to go down town and get really drunk, sleep with each other probably not wear a rubber, but second hand smoke is where the line gets drawn. also there are (before the ban took place) several nicer (more like preppier) bars where smoking was not allowed, showing if there is a demand for a non smoking bars, it will be met. banning smoking outright in public is total bull shit. smoking outside is not going to harm any one, aside from the smoker, unless they are blowing it in peoples faces. can't smoke in the bar, cant smoke outside the bar, smokers will quit patronizing businesses all together. the general public doesn't even consider smokers as human anymore. it just seems like people don't think of smokers as human anymore, and i think that is disgusting.

    sorry im so disgusting johnny, maybe they should ban me.
  6. Johnnynapples

    Sway says swim is not disgusting, the smell and use of the tobacco is disgusting in general.
    When sway is out and about going somewhere to meet friends he does not want to smell like an ashtray. Swim really can't compare smoking to unsafe sex, in which way do they relate? Sex alone is needed to keep the human species alive and sex is also a great cardiovascular work out.
    Yes one can go to the bar,get loaded and drive home and maybe get lucky enough to have unsafe sex but still that does not make smoking in bars okay.
    Why should one subject themselves poisonous smoke when all they wanted to do was have a few drinks or have a bite to eat ?
    Marcus the sloth says " It's terrible that when I take my baby sisters to go eat and we have to dine in cigarette smoke. "
    Thankfully it's banned, and sway can eat in peace and his baby sisters do not have to be around that deadly second hand smoke .
  7. Hollow Hippie
    Second-hand smoke is far far less risky than unprotected sex with random individuals you met in a bar. Why does everyone worry about second hand smoke rather than the huge amount of automobile exhaust thrown out everyday? Ban automobiles in public places SWIM says!
  8. Balzafire
    Were it not for automobiles, with the amount of people in the world today.... people would be ranting about all the horse shit.
    Swim is a smoker and is so tired of the smoker/anti-smoking debate. He just tries to be polite about his habit(s).
    The biggest thing that pisses him off is the hypocracy of the governments. As said so well above, government is as addicted to the money as guys like swim are to the tobacco.
  9. [tanarilla.]
    Yep, let's come back to actually how life threathening will it be if a person catches HIV/Hep C through unprotected sex, compared to smoking for a lifetime. My bunny is pretty sure that in that situation, unprotected sex just killed someone 40 years faster than smoking. This is how they relate. And let's not forget, cancer is treatable most of the time, so lung cancer is a bad example in comparison to HIV.

    As for things that are bad for your health...junk food is a prime example,it's something that almost everyone consumes, and if you link it's excess consumption of it to obesity and related health complications, there's another huge killer. Being obese will kill you faster than smoking.

    Smoking is far from the most deadly thing out there. If people have the right to eat themselves to death in a restaurant, my bunny wants the right to smoke herself to death in a public place.
  10. Balzafire
    ^^^ Oh, but the food police are already on it! No more trans fats, no more coconut oil to cook fries, the food nazi's are trying to control what swim eats and it's really pissing him off. He would so like to blow smoke in their faces.
    They'll be after swims bacon next. You watch...
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