Calzaghe Apologises To Fans Over Cocaine Use

By John Doe · Mar 29, 2010 · Updated Mar 30, 2010 · ·
  1. John Doe
    Calzaghe Apologises To Fans Over Cocaine Use

    Boxing champion Joe Calzaghe has apologised to fans after admitting occasional cocaine use.

    The former world middleweight and light-heavyweight title holder said he had taken the drug during "what have sometimes been the long days" since his retirement.
    It follows a News of the World sting in which he discussed with an undercover reporter buying and taking cocaine.
    In an apology posted on his website, the unbeaten boxer said he regretted his occasional cocaine use and apologised to friends, family and fans.
    Calzaghe's admission follows an investigation by the paper's Mazher Mahmood.
    The so-called Fake Sheikh has previously tricked royalty, sports stars and celebrities using a number of guises.

    The newspaper reported that during the meeting with the boxer, conversation turned to the subject of cocaine.
    It quoted Calzaghe as saying: "I know the score. I done bits and pieces myself. Don't tell my dad for f*** sake. He's no idea."
    He reportedly added: "Of course, I do a bit, but the thing is most of it is f****** s*** in Wales. In London it's not too bad."
    In a statement released today, Calzaghe said: "I very much regret my occasional use of cocaine in what have sometimes been the long days since my retirement from the ring.
    "I am fully aware of the bad example it sets to other people and particularly to youngsters and I apologise to my family, friends and fans.
    "It is not a major problem in my life but it is something I am actively addressing."

    During the newspaper sting, Calzaghe also made apparently disparaging remarks against fellow boxers including Ricky Hatton, Prince Naseem Hamed and Amir Khan.

    In reference to these comments, Calzaghe said: "Many of the other conversations reported to have taken place simply involved men joshing or shooting the breeze over a drink.
    "While some statements are either untrue or exaggerations I am, naturally, sorry for any embarrassment their publication may cause to entirely blameless third parties."

    9:26am UK, Monday March 29, 2010
    Mark Langford, Sky News Online

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  1. John Doe
    I personally think it should be this ridiculous 'Fake Sheikh' that has to apologise. Here stands a man who has stood proud for his country, made hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people weep and cheer. And some feckin imbecile with nothing better to do effectively commits fraud and tricks the man into a false sense of security to try and squeeze any drop of scandal he can out of him.

    I am disgusted.

    Oh and just to add, of course it's the News Of The World getting the story, what other rag would stoop so low?
  2. podge
    Joe Calazaghe is a king among men. He shouldnt be apologizing, a man should be allowed live his life without everybody judging him. Yes he's in the public eye, but a he's a man none the less. Think about his boxing talent and forget about his recreational habits outside of the ring. Huge respect to joe for advocating boxing and sporting excellence !!!
  3. divinemomentsoftruth
    Seriously this is one of the lowest things I have ever heard. An undercover sting on a retired athlete to uncover drug use? Celebrities have a right to privacy too. Who cares if a former boxer uses cocaine on occasion and talks trash about former opponents while he's out drinking? Obviously these clowns know people that do care because they found it necessary to publish. SWIMs not really into cocaine but has had his kicks with it, he knows what a powerful substance it can be and knows how easily and quickly it can destroy someone's life. But damn it he certainly doesn't disdain someone for using the drug on occasion. If Calzaghe really was JUST an occasional cocaine user what's the big deal? The media should be shitting a brick because he only uses it sometimes and isn't an addict. If anything the headline should read "Former Boxer Proves Occasional Coke Use is Possible, Says Moderation and Knowing Yourself, Substance and Source Are Key". (SWIM knows that statement is waaaay there and would probably never show up in mainstream media, and is possibly not even close to how Calzaghe thinks and feels.).

    Who's to say SWIM or SWIY living in an alternate universe after successfully making a living boxing (something that SWIM is sure creates a huge RUSH for those involved) wouldn't enjoy the occasional RUSH that is almost guaranteed with some good coke to the dome (not insinuating that all boxers like cocaine just trying to rationalize why he might like the feeling)? Also being a retired athlete it's very possible you'd have access to a reasonable amount of money fund this occasional use with out any crisis. As for talking trash former opponents?... SWIM might very well do this too put in a former champion boxer's shoes and given a few beers, SWIMs no boxing authority but he'd go on a limb to say he may have beaten the guys at one point.
  4. Oxymorphone
    I'll never understand what compels celebrities to apologize for having a little fun. It's funny, but if there was a sports star or a movie star I really liked (I'm not really that into Hollywood or sports.) and I found out he was doing cocaine I'd think "this guy is cooler than I thought!" not "drugs?.. oh my god, he must worship satan! he should be ashamed!"

    But that's a stigma of drug use in general that I can't stand. Honestly, even though they're dangerous, they don't deserve to be demonized the way they are and people don't deserve to be looked down on just for doing them. That's like me talking shit about someone riding a bicycle because I'm "not into bicycles". </vent>
  5. divinemomentsoftruth
    For real man, that's the point me and SWIM were trying to get across, just cause you don't do it doesn't make it wrong.
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