Can anyone explain why we are getting so many people who can't do a CWE?

By Potter · Oct 3, 2011 · ·
  1. Potter
    So doing a cold water extraction of opiates is probably the first skill a drug user learns, right? Put the pills in some cold water, stir them around, run through a coffee filter, drink! What could be simpler then that?

    So why the hell are we getting user after user who seem completely mystified by this process? I've seen people do it and freak out they would die of an APAP OD. Others do it for some of their pills and then take too many more. People heating the water, putting the pills in, then putting it in the freezer. Others can't understand the directions when explained multiple times, they still demand someone sit down and make a custom set of instructions for the number of pills they have, because it's too confusing to put pills in water and filter the water.

    So what is going on here? Are people just getting dumber, or is there something else a foot?

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  1. Phenoxide
    Good question. I would blame sunspot activity, but I think it's actually just a case of people getting louder rather than dumber. Humans as far as I can tell have been innately and consistently dumb through the course of recorded history. However in time's past people would've been at least moderatedly embarassed at their inability to read and comprehend the substantial amount of useful information on this very specific topic that is readily available to them here. Not so anymore it seems. Now the all-knowing Internet can answer our questions for us, so why should be be expected to think for ourselves?

    One just needs to look at some of the idiotproofing features rolling into Google to see that culture at work. I don't need to use my brain at all if a search engine can autocomplete my thoughts, autocorrect my words to reflect what I supposedly meant, and can even start searching before I've even finished typing in the search query. No thanks Mr. Google, I still can work the grey matter enough to know what I want better than you do.

    I imagine this blog was prompted by a certain recent poster (who shall remain nameless) that was being particularly obnoxious in their demands that everyone here cater for their CWE needs. Their attitude was abysmal and the assistance they recieved duly reflected this. I have no problem helping people out if they've clearly made some effort to read around and still are having problems understanding something, but the sheer laziness of people that just expect to turn up and be spoonfed like a small child does irritate me.

    On the plus side this is justification for the restrictions on the drug chemistry fora. If people need that level of practical advice when it comes to dissolving a solid and using a coffee filter, then they certainly shouldn't be let loose anywhere near real laboratory equipment (even in a theoretical plane of existence)!
  2. Racoonster
    I think this is another benefit of the war on drugs. We have removed all teaching of chemistry or basic sceince background, for fear that someone will figure out how to make meth, or how easy it really is to extract organic "drugs" from everyday plants.

    Instead of teaching that "fire Burns", we have eliminated all fire, or attempt to by making it a "controlled substance". Then, when some adult (?) that has never been exposed to fire runs into some fire (that didn't know it had been banned), they get themselves all burned the hell up. Where upon they sue someone, or puts the blame on God (or whatever) for creating fire. [seems like they then eliminate God too, lest he create more fire]

    If we go about treating everyone like children, we get what we deserve, a nation of nothing but whiny children that don't know how to do a damn thing. !!
  3. Synesthesiac
    Someone may read a couple of simple teks on how to do it online, and to confirm they are correct google the temperatures that APAP doesn't dissolve in, check the size of filter paper, dosages, etc. OR they can quickly start a thread to ask these questions go and do something and come back to answers. In a way starting a thread is more sociable, but its definitely lazier than doing a quick bit of research. I can sometimes be guilty of being a bit lazy and starting too many silly threads that I could find out the answer too with a bit of effort.
  4. EscapeDummy
    This may be a bit of a cop-out answer, and I don't intend to be a jerk, but I think it's simply the fact there are a LOT of dumb people out there. Just like how a single equation will scare away over 50% of the population, when people see things like "acetaminophen is non water soluble" they simply get overwhelmed and feel as though they need some chemistry knowledge to carry out the task.
  5. alienesseINspace
    I can probably do one but I never tried. I pop the whole pill. Seems like I'm missing out on some grand high I could be having or something.

    Maybe part of the problem is that I personally haven't looked up any information about it because I haven't felt the need to extract anything from anything. Maybe I'm just a dumb ass too.
  6. Racoonster
    It isn't that you are missing out on a grand high, you are missing out on the opportunity not to damage your liver with toxic levels of Acetaminophen (APAP) when you want to take codeine or hydrocodone or some other medicine that is compounded with it. When a pill is 7.5/500 or some similar number, the 500 part is the amount of APAP that you are forced to consume to get the 7.5 mgs of Hydrocodone or whatever.

    5,000 mg is known to be a dangerous level. As in sick, hurt, damage, no take backs... :confused:
  7. Demanink
    Help, I need more info on extracting doxylamine! It says to wash with ethanol dried with calcium oxide, can I use grain alcohol?
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