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  1. phenythylamine


  1. veritas.socal
    why, thanx for bringing this subject up.( swim thinks it deserves a thread of its own, to be BLUNT. its a hella important topic) as hallucinogens AND psychedelics both can play an important role, not only in helping and understanding those who are deemed "mentally ill"( recall that these substances were once known as psychomimetics... that which mimics psychoses, swim thinks. but swim KNOWS that they can help those who use them as tools to delve within themselves and correct certain flaws they may see within themselves. the only place one has to look to find proof is the use of ibogaine in the traetment of opiate dependence. hope swims making sense, wasnt disrespectin sayin yer shits in the wrong place, only that it merits a thread of its own. swim is
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