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  1. Alicia
    Having been a heavy drinker for a long period of time after so many liver tests that prove out fine it finally happens my last test result show a deal of damage to the point the doctor called and stressed that fact.

    I have been drink free now for 4 days and can no longer drink without it shortening my lifespan by 6 months or less then that according to the doctor. I miss drinking so much even thou I still indulge in my other delights I miss being drunk. everyone has been supportive despite my bad moods that happen alot recently due to not drinking and the cravings,crying etc. I feel like ive been to a funeral of a very close friend.

    Im hoping the cravings will lessen at least weed never abandons me.


  1. Pain Hurts
    I was a long time 10+ yrs alky and functional ... but in the past year or 2 I slowly lost my taste for all boozes, and as of now, I can only drink a few beers , with a few shots, specifically ONLY Corona with Tequila ... literally nothing else. Nothing. It makes me ill. :eek:
  2. makin
    Good luck but be carefull alcohol w/d are not to be taken lightly. Have your friends keep an eye on you. 4 days I think gets you out of the worst of it, though I am not sure of that. How have you been sleeping, i know when I quit a nasty alcohol habit I coulnd't sleep and that causes all sorts of nasty complication.

    Good luck and I think you will find sober life isn't so bad:thumbsup:
  3. Pain Hurts
    for example I last drank 4 beer + 4 shot ounces tequila 1 week ago, I drink this amount once per week and rarely 2x per week. As for WD, ya, you are correct. I went through it recently since the Oxy taper.
    In the past when I calculated I would drink 100-125 drinks per week ... and quit / cut down ... no. I was so much more healthy and active and pain free* (less pain, no meds) that I got over it and my body adjusted well to extreme poisoning + stresses.
  4. Alicia
    Thankyou for your kind words folks. :D

    An update i've still managed to remain drink free its more easier now and in some ways didn't realise i could be this happy without drink. Well it is a depressant after all but I was never unhappy when i was drunk just everyone else was. People have said to me I appear more calmer and look a lot more better to my skin tone and hair. Everyone seems happier that I dont drink now even thou Im still a mean bitch lol.

    I know longer sweat in the mornings and feel a lot more better then I did when I was drinking. In someways I feel much more attached to partner now then i ever did. Everyone is still being supportive.
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