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  1. Alfa

    To little fanfare, the Coffee Pot, the Latin Quarter pot-smoking lounge and
    restaurant, closed its doors last month. After only a few weeks of doing
    business, proprietor David McKenzie, who also runs the Duchess of Amsterdam
    head shop on St-Marc, said business was so slow that he had no choice but
    to shut its doors just before Christmas. "It's really too bad," he says.
    "It's really disappointing. There was all this talk about it, but people
    just didn't come."

    McKenzie speculates that perhaps would-be patrons were afraid of being
    arrested by police, a fear he says was misplaced. "There were a couple of
    minor incidents at the beginning, just stupid little problems, but all in
    all it was really good," he says. "The cops were cool, we never got raided.
    They'd come in and do a walk-around, but they do that in bars now too."

    McKenzie says he might try to open up another place, but on a much smaller
    level. He wouldn't provide figures, but he said the Coffee Pot was costing
    him "enough to not keep it open."


  1. noeticbuzz
    I hear the Amsterdam cafe in Vancouver does pretty well.

    Any idea where the Coffee Pot was?
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