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  1. Alfa

    Dollar value of marijuana seized from grow operation busts in Calgary by
    city police

    2001: $9 million

    2002: $18 million

    2003: $54 million

    2004: $18 million

    (year to date)

    - In 2003 in Calgary, city police laid 1,794 drug offence charges

    - 45.7 per cent of them were for possession. And 54.3 per cent were for
    trafficking, possession, cultivation and production, importation and

    - 2004 year-to-date: Of 624 charges, 35 per cent involved crack and
    cocaine, 59 per cent marijuana and six per cent all other drugs.

    Drug Prices On Calgary Streets

    Marijuana: $200 to $250 per ounce

    Powdered cocaine: $80 to $100 per gam

    Crack: $80 to $100 per gram

    Methamphetamines: $80 to $100 per gram

    Calgary police are becoming increasingly worried about the amount of
    methamphetamine (speed) they are seeing on city streets.

    - Powdered methamphetamine is traded pound for pound for Calgary dope at a
    street value of $12,000 to $15,000 US

    - Methamphetamine use commonly causes what is feared and widely known as
    Meth Rage Violence

    - Six pounds of toxic waste is left to contaminate the environment for
    every pound of methamphetamine produced

    Some Chemicals In Methamphetamine

    - Toluene (brake cleaner)

    - Sulfuric acid (drain cleaner)

    - Hydrous Ammonia (farm fertilizer)

    - Acetone (kitty litter)

    - Sodium Hydroxide (lye)

    - Ephedrine (cold tablets)

    - Trichloroethane (gun scrubber)

    - Alcohol (Isopropyl or rubbing)

    - Ether (engine starter)

    - Pseudoephedrine (cold tablets)

    Marijuana In Canada - Stats As Of March 3, 2004

    - Number of marijuana users: 2.3 million

    - Annual marijuana consumption: 770,000 kilograms

    - Annual marijuana production: 2.6 million kilograms

    - Amount of domestic production consumed in Canada: 30 per cent

    - Number of grow operations (personal use and commercial): 215,000

    - Number of people employed in marijuana growing: 500,000

    - Annual number of reported arrests for offences covering all illegal
    drugs: 90,000

    - Number of reported marijuana offences in 2001: 71,600 (70 per cent
    possession, 16 per cent trafficking, 13 per cent cultivation, one per cent

    - Percentage of population (ages 12-64) that has used marijuana at least
    once: 30

    - Number of youths aged 12-17 who use it daily: 225,000

    - Average age of introduction to marijuana: 15

    - Substance abuse costs associated with all illegal drugs: $1.4 billion. Of
    alcohol: $7.5 billion. Of tobacco: $9.6 billion.

    - Annual cost of enforcing the marijuana laws for courts and police: $500


    Sources: 2002 Report of the Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs;
    Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse; Marijuana Party of Canada; Marc Emery,


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