"Cannabis-addicted boy" rapes an old woman

By dark12 · Nov 1, 2008 · Updated Nov 4, 2008 · ·
  1. dark12
    A teenager who has been hooked on cannabis since he was 10 has been locked up indefinitely after raping a 58-year-old woman in her own home.
    Jordan Webster, 15, who has a shocking catalogue of 63 previous convictions and 38 court appearances, was just 14 when he attacked the woman while holding a knife to her throat.

    His actions prompted a judge to ask: 'What on earth are we coming to in this world when a boy of 14 can not only acquire that record but then go on to do what you did that day?

    Judge Kerry Macgill ordered that Webster should be named, even though he is a juvenile.

    Sentencing the teenager at Leeds Crown Court, the judge said: 'When I see that from the age of 10 you have been taking cannabis on a regular basis and even at 14 you were taking cocaine and ecstasy, any right-thinking person is going to think there has got to be something wrong in our society.

    'It must be every victim's worst nightmare to awake from a deep sleep and find an intruder armed with a knife. It is truly a picture of horror.

    'You have had such an awful effect on this lady's life.'

    The court had heard that Webster broke into the woman's house in Normanton, West Yorkshire, in May. Just two weeks earlier she had had to remonstrate with him after catching him in her garden.

    Neil Clark, prosecuting, told the court Webster probably entered through the kitchen window of the house, where his victim lived alone.

    He armed himself with a knife from her kitchen before going up to her bedroom at around 4.30am.

    Mr Clark said: 'She was awoken by the defendant, who was standing over her holding a knife with a three-inch blade.

    'He said: 'Be quiet or I will slit your throat. Don't say anything or I will knife you.'
    'She offered him money but he said it wasn't money he wanted, but sex'.

    He then raped her, while at one point holding the knife to her throat.

    The woman had offered him £5 in a desperate attempt to make him leave but Webster demanded the keys to her car. He also took the bed linen with him in an attempt to get rid of forensic evidence.
    But on the way out of the woman's drive he crashed the car into a post, tearing off the wing mirror. Her neighbours heard the noise, looked out and saw Webster. One later picked him out at a police station identity parade.

    Webster was caught soon after the attack, when he pulled out in front of a police patrol in the stolen car.

    He led them on a mile and a half chase at speeds of 80mph.

    When he was finally cornered, the aggressive youth even tried to attack a police dog - and was bitten on the leg.

    The court hearing, on Friday, was told that DNA samples from the scene of the rape were a match to Webster. The chances of them coming from anyone else were one in a billion.

    Prosecutor Mr Clark said: 'Since the incident, the woman has become very emotional, often tearful, and cannot return to her own home. In her victim impact statement she said 'The defendant has taken away my home, my independence and everything I have worked for'.'

    He then told the court about Webster's past convictions. including an ASBO which had been breached on several occasions.

    Matthew Harding, for Webster, said that while it was a particularly serious offence, the knife was not used to inflict violence. He also said the teenager, who admitted rape and aggravated burglary, does not remember much of the attack.

    But Judge Macgill said: 'You knew full well the consequences of leaving behind forensic evidence and you took the sheet with you. What that illustrates to me is that your claim that you don't remember the detail is a total sham.'

    He said Webster's actions had been 'callous, planned and selfish.'

    The judge said Webster, of Normanton, must serve at least five years before he is eligible for parole.

    He imposed a Sexual Offences Prevention Order banning him from Normanton and from contacting his victim. Webster will also be on the Sex Offenders' Register for life.

    -By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 8:39 AM on 20th October 2008


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  1. purplehaze
    Wow, 63 convictions and 38 court appearances at 14? In the U.S. this kid would have done been in juvenile until he reached 18. This is hard to believe. Plus why did he rape a 58 yo woman, something about this whole story is fucked.

    Heres the full article.

    Theres a pic of the boy on the link http://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/news/...-raped-58-year-old-woman-knifepoint-home.html

    This kid had troubles no doubt.
  2. dark12
    Yea I definitely agree that something has got to be skewed. I didn't think they could put a picture of a minor up?
  3. Heretic.Ape.
    I wonder what his childhood was like. Where were his parents? How was he getting all these drugs? Why was he breaking into places? Smoking pot seems like a very strange thing to focus on in describing this extremely troubled youth. Sounds more like the typical profile of an abused child, of which drug use was secondary.
  4. enquirewithin
    That boy must have had a very disturbed childhood. Remember that this is the Daily Mail, famous for it's ignorance and sensationalism.
  5. dark12
    This kid definitely had bigger problems than pot.

    I think this particular media source focused on pot because it is so common in the world. This would strike fear in the people who know nothing about it.
  6. Horiz

    With tabloids like these it's no wonder the war on drugs is such a failure
  7. ihavequestions
    swim has to call bullshit on the story. its doesnt add up and its doesnt make sense.

    "Jordan Webster, 15, who has a shocking catalogue of 63 previous convictions and 38 court appearances, was just 14 when he attacked the woman while holding a knife to her throat."

    for one if he was 15 with 63 convictions he would be locked up right now. i mean thats rediculous. how short were those conviction terms if he served 63 of them between the ages of 10 and 15? thats impossible!!

    "The judge said Webster, of Normanton, must serve at least five years before he is eligible for parole"

    this sentence also didnt make sense. how the hell does a person regardless of age be eligable for parole after only 5 years on a RAPE charge ESPECIALY considering his rap sheet?

    doesnt make any sense to swim
  8. Heretic.Ape.
    I'd probably have sentenced him to a nice open-ended stay in a mental health facility. Attempt to get the sick kid some help while keeping him away from the general population until he's resolved his obvious serious issues. Now he'll have a few years to consort with other people with sociopathic tendencies and then be out on the loose in worse shape most likely.
  9. savingJenniB
    Have to agree with you, ihavequestions. There is something very fishy ~ fabricated ~ about this article. Starting with photo. Think that maybe this kid pissed someone off? Are there any other articles out there to verify any of this???

    What's even more thought provoking ~ paranoia strikes again?
    This is the second article I've read tonight that reeks of propaganda. (other one: China girls ~ which just didn't add up.)

    So here's my conspiracy theory: some ineffective DEA/CiA agents enlisted in America's futile and ineffective War on Drugs are in mortal fear loosing their cushy jobs ~ of being discovered for the fraud they really are by the upcoming new administration. These articles about heinous crimes and appalling acts by young people in other parts of the world will effectively heighten the general level of paranoia among older Americans. Substantiated ~ or not ~ the fear has already been put into play, and people hear what they want to hear.

    This kind of fear feeds the War on Drugs. By situating these shocking stories in foreign countries, it makes America's drug crimes seem less severe ~ as if they had actually been doing their job! (Also more difficult to substantiate.) It's a twofer!

    Just my own contrived theory ~ entirely imaginary. Still it makes more sense, than either one of these articles.

    added a couple minute later:

    Just noticed the word "Propaganda" prefaces the title of this thread. Did that just get added? Or did I just not notice?
  10. Nature Boy
    Indeed, there's something fishy about this article. The Mail is a notoriously thrashy rag sheet - its chairman being Jonathan Harmsworth, a staunch Conservative Party follower. It's hardly surprising that they still puke out this nonsense. As for this kid, the guy's clearly a little psychopath. Chuck him in the slammer. That's what it's there for. It shouldn't be there for non-violent drug offenders. Key word: non-violent.
  11. dark12
    I have read a few articles from this site and they didn't seem like bs. Regardless, it is a news site and it sure as hell qualifies as weird news. If need be, I can delete my post.
  12. Heretic.Ape.
    There is no reason to delete.
  13. Routemaster Flash
    A conviction isn't the same thing as a jail sentence, is it? Not wishing to sound like I'm siding with a poisonous rag like the Daily Mail but a hell of a lot of kids get arrested, appear in court, either get slapped with a more-or-less-meaningless ASBO ('antisocial behaviour order' for non-Brits) or simply told "don't do it again", then go out and immediately commit more crime, get arrested...until, in some cases, they fuck up big time with a crime as serious as this.

    Edit: Nature Boy is on the money here.
  14. dark12
    Who else would you expect to spit out propaganda if not conservative stiffs?
  15. dyingtomorrow
    I highly doubt pot had anything to do with him raping anyone. If anything, if more people were smoking pot there would probably be LESS rapes.

    Oh, and ...
    Just to be practical here, and not to sound cruel, but if you are getting raped, you might want to offer more than 5 pounds. That would probably just infuriate your attacker.
  16. Micklemouse
    Firstly, yes this did happen - also reported in the Yorkshire Post, which although it is also something of a Tory rag, doesn't generally lie about court cases...
    My guess is considering his history & his reported loss of memory that more than just cannabis were consumed that night, or over several nights & days, but cannabis has been highlighted due to that being his initial, & probably enduring drug of choice, & which, having been smoked since the age of 10 has more than a little bit contributed to his probably already pretty fucked up little life.

    A bit of background - the kid is from a pretty deprived neck of the woods, an ex-mining town shafted by Thatcher, which is slowly dragging itself back to some semblance of self-respect. In an environment like this in England there is a wide scope for young kids to get into drugs & from there into all manner of trouble. All the factors are there - no prospects for the second or third generation, no motivation to stay in school, probable exclusion, naff all else to do but toke it up & see what's for fun leading to early contact with the police, a string of ASBO's & similar minor convictions which do not quite warrant a prison sentence, especially when you take into account the prisons being full, & the kid being, well, a kid.

    Dyingtomorrow, if you are being raped you are not gonna be thinking particularly clearly, you are going to desperately trying everything you can think of to safely get out of the situation.

    Ihavequestions, he will be considered for parole. There is a strong chance he will not get it. Bear in mind that parole could be as little as a trip to the shops. 5 years is not uncommon for rape in Britain
    from sentencing-guidelines.gov.uk/docs/rape.pdf. However, given the other factors involved, he won't be out soon.

    The decision to publish his name & identity will have come from the severity of the crime & the seemingly calculated way in which it was comitted (he was obviously targetting the woman, he made an attempt to dispose of evidence, he evaded arrest whilst endangering life, & he tried to bite a police dog!).
  17. savingJenniB
    Thanks MickleM ~
    (And Dark12 ~ good contribution ~ don't delete! This thread has stars - - 4 or 5 stars ~ good stuff to converse about.)
    Finding additional articles on this boy's arrest, history and background shed's more light on the actual situation. Clearly, the crime is not Cannabis, as the sensationalist headlines would lead one to believe. The first word "Propaganda" in thread title is accurate ~ essential. A very good call!

    Having linked over to the The Daily Mail ~ or is it the The Male Daily? whatever . . . Noticed several comments ~ testaments to the effectiveness of sensationalistic drug propaganda:

    "Cannabis - isn't that the hallucinogenic drug which 'experts' and their social acolytes claim is less harmful than alcohol?" (I bet this guy drinks!)

    and another one:

    "Thought cannabis was supposed to be harmless. That's what the many great & good have been campaigning for years to be legalized."

    Also some good retorts and observations:

    "Another story using drugs as a scape goat."

    and a couple stating that if cannabis was the culprit, why the prevalence for these types of crimes in the UK and not in the Netherlands?

    All in all this is a sad tale about a mentally ill, possibly abused boy who has grown up in a poverty stricken chaotic violent environment. No parental controls, no structured education or guidance, and apparent access to multiple drugs and illegal activities. Morally un-redeemable at the ripe old age of 15 ~ how sad. Let's just blame it on drugs and lock him away. Indeed they should also be locking up his parents ~ if they haven't already done that!

    Still drawn to my original conspiracy theory ~ but mustn't talk about that now ~ someone is listening.

  18. purplehaze
    The only thing i would say in regards to this article is the part were it says hooked on cannabis and the thread title is cannabis addicted boy. Now the general public who has no education on the effects of cannabis and view it as it is classed in the drugs act in most countries would assume that cannabis played a major role in this criminal act, well that is media propaganda IMO and this not a result of cannabis addiction.

    IMO it is ignorant of journalist to even use such catch phrases to make people interested in the article, there is no hooked on cannabis or addiction to cannabis. That is the only argument i have. Most people who think freely and are quiet open minded will read through the bullshit and know that weed isn't to blame for why this demented child raped a 58 YO woman. And therein lies the problem for the general public no real (raw) education on the topic, there filter isn't setup properly and this sends a horrible message for something that is indeed safe.

    More my opinion
    Now alcohol has caused many rapes, but i don't think cannabis causes that many rapes myself. I like to believe that cannabis users are distilled with a since of morality above common people, there mind opened and a higher sense of judgment provided. Against the grain so to speak.

    Another bad thing to go along with cannabis is if someone smokes and gets tested there is no way of knowing that they were actually under the influence at the time the crime was commited. This easily can be turned into a headline, or make a death seem unimportant when in actuality it's sad to even detour emotions and blame cannabis for such a serious crime.
  19. El Calico Loco
    Not necessarily. From what we know right now, psychopaths seem to be that way from a very young age, and some come from seemingly healthy households (they may have normal siblings). It could be genetic or caused in vitro. They care nothing for others, enjoy projecting power, and seem immune to correction or punishment. Like Nature Boy said, there's really nothing to do with them except lock them in a cage like the predators they are. We don't know how to "cure" it, and the psychopaths themselves don't want to be fixed - they don't think there is anything wrong with them.

    They seek positions of power the way child molesterers seek positions involving children. As a result, they are over-represented in politics, law, and law enforcement.

  20. rocksmokinmachine
    This b****tard needs to be strung up by his balls.

    The UK justice system is a joke. When the paper says "locked up indefinately" it means a sentance of 'indeterminate imprinsonment for public protection', or IPP as it is more commonly known. This sick, violent little scumbag will probably serve 2 years straight through and be deemed eligable for parole. The maximum, probably 5 years. He has taken this womans life away, her independence and home, for this he should serve life. Though the judge said he must serve at least 5 years, these IPP sentances are reviewed every 2 years. If this young man is manipluative enough, he may be able to fool a parole board that he has reformed.

    Sad, but true. The UK prison service protects sex offenders, as they are kept away from the general prison population. SWIM knows this having been imprisoned for drug related offences in UK several times.

    One question. Are sex offenders protected and considered 'vulnerable' in US prisons as they are in European ones?

    Possibly, and a good theory. But we all know that the abused often become abusers themselves. It is quite possible this boy was subjected to serious sexual assault as a young child.
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