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Cannabis and cash seized in drug raids

By buseman, May 20, 2010 | Updated: May 21, 2010 | | |
  1. buseman
    Man to face court today following drugs raids on the Mid North Coast – cannabis and cash seized

    A 55-year-old Raleigh man will face Coffs Harbour Local Court today charged with drugs offences following a series of raids on the State’s mid north coast.

    He is one of three men arrested and charged after police from Mid North Coast Local Area Command raided two remote properties at Raleigh and Dundurrabin, north of Nambucca Heads.

    In March 2009 Strike Force Midkin was established to target large scale cannabis cultivation and supply.

    Around 11am yesterday (Wednesday 19 May), the strike force officers executed search warrants and seized about 11kg of dried cannabis leaf with an estimated street value of $90,000.

    A firearm and quantity of cash was also seized.

    Police arrested three men, aged 28, 39 and 55.

    The 55-year old Raleigh man was taken to Coffs Harbour Police Station and charged with 14 drug, firearm and property offences. He was refused bail to face court today.

    The 28-year old and 39-year old men, both from Dorrigo were taken to the Coffs Harbour Police Station where they were charged supply, possess and cultivate prohibited drugs and conspiracy to supply commercial quantity of prohibited drugs.

    They were granted conditional bail and ordered to appear before the Coffs Harbour Local Court on Thursday 8 July.

    Thursday, 20 May

    http://anonym.to/?http://www.police...b3YuYXUlMkZtZW RpYSUyRjExMzEzLmh0bWwmYWxsPTE=


  1. RaoulDukeX
    dried leaf?!? did they weigh entire vegetating plants just to trump up the charges? or was the reporter/police just dumbsh!ts? or do you aussies smoke leaves over there? jk
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