Cannabis campaigner charged for possession...

By Garethn · Feb 13, 2010 · ·
  1. Garethn
    [h3]Pembroke Dock cannabis campaigner charged for possession...[/h3]

    A Pembroke Dock man who has campaigned for the legalisation of cannabis for medical purposes for the last 15 years has appeared in court accused of possessing the drug.

    Eric Mann, a retired oil refinery supervisor, asked the judge to delay his case until what he called a landmark hearing had taken place in London.
    The defendant in that case, he said, was being backed by the Drugs Equality Alliance and the outcome might affect his own situation.
    Mann, aged 66, of Harbour Way, Pembroke Dock, was not asked to enter a plea at this stage.

    Instead, Judge John Diehl agreed to schedule a further hearing at Swansea Crown Court before the end of April, when a judge will hear Mann’s claim that the case against him should be dropped.

    Mann was granted bail to a date to be fixed.

    3:50pm Sunday 31st January 2010


  1. LostCelestial
    Well thats one way to stop people campaigning for legalization... Arrest them all. It's a fair guess that most people campaigning for legalized weed are at least occasional users. And once you've arrested everyone who's campaigning you can just ignore the issue.

    Seriously, this is pretty draconian even by police standards. They must know that activists use the stuff, so why now ? Is throwing a sixty year old guy in jail going to protect people ? No.

    Wouldn't it be nice if we locked up violent, unrepentant offenders instead of old men with joints. That'd be a great society.
  2. anonuser30500
    Could be counter productive for the police with stop and searches going up and people arrested for minimal amounts of cannabis or hash.

    They are doing this for the DNA samples, widening the powers of arrest so that almost every youth comes under the radar.

    Add to that roadblocks with various law enforcement and government agents, plus drones now active over the sky near you.

    It really is a police state.
  3. Garethn
    a friend of swims said that they hav started swabbing everything from peoples steering wheels to there actual hands not sure if this is true tho when swim was toking and swim got stoped this never happened....
  4. LostCelestial
    I'm a little ambivalent about the UAVs and such. As it stands, I live in one of the most camera heavy towns in britain (lincoln) and tbh I don't mind being watched while i'm out and about, because the cameras have seriously killed the amount of violence in the town centre which is great.

    I get what you mean tho. It'd be great if people could be trusted not to hurt each other without watching them like toddlers.
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