Cannabis 'changed personality' of boy found hanging

By Alfa · Jun 27, 2008 · ·
  1. Alfa
    Cannabis 'changed personality' of boy found hanging
    9:39am Thu 26th Jun 08:: written by Antony Quarrell

    The grieving father of a 15-year-old boy found hanging in a shed at his family home has told an inquest how cannabis use had changed the tragic teen's personality.

    Coroner Peter Bedford recorded an open verdict at the inquest into the death of Lee Frankham who died on December 29 last year.

    The hearing, held on Thursday last week, heard Lee had an argument with his father, Tom Frankham, the day before he was found hanging in the shed at the family home in Datchet Road, Horton.

    Mr Frankham, described his son as being 'a normal lad' up until eight to nine months before his death. He attributed Lee's personality change to cannabis use and said the family had tried to help him deal with his problems.

    For the full story, see tomorrow's Windsor Express.

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  1. enquirewithin
    It's convenient for the parents to be able to blame a drug, not their parenting skills. Maidenhead is a deadly boring place, anyhow.
  2. Nature Boy
    Is this thrash reporting even worthy of a response? Ugh!
  3. enquirewithin
    Of course not, but to the many ignorant 'middle England' voters whom the politicians pander to, it's probably believable.
  4. fnord
    Yes it is worth responding to! Please direct all responses to the editors of the newspaper. If a news outlet starts seeing masive responses from the public complaing about there content they might just change there public views on things.
  5. Orchid_Suspiria
    Well atleast we don't see that many of the "Marihuana makes boy hack up family with an axe"or "Marihuana turned our daughter into a heroin addict prostitute"nowadays.The sad thing is if we did see these headlines nowadays the idiots with the Bush and Cheney bumperstickers would probably believe them and probably believe this sensationalist trash.
  6. superwoman
    Swim doesn't know shit about Britian really.... At least no British person. But theseparents kinda sound like those assholes who raised Harry Potter!!!

    (YesSwim loves Harry Potter and she's 22 :cool:!)
  7. Orchid_Suspiria
    I know one thing.From what I've been hearing the anti cannabis propaganda and lies are getting worse than even in the United States and that is bad!Well it could be worse,we could live in Dubai.
  8. ShawnD
    Is it possible this is real? I know next to nothing about marijuana, but pretty much everyone around me in-the-know claims that is amplifies personality traits. A few of my friends have even joked that one guy they know is a schizophrenic, because "only schizophrenics get all heaty when they smoke up."
    If this kid was unstable, could marijuana make him even more unstable?

    "marijuana, alcohol, and other drugs can also amplify one's pre-existing personality traits"

    "my own observations have been that pot is more an amplifier of personality than alcohol"
  9. fnord
    @ShawnD IMHO im sure cannabis has changed this fellows personality, but as to causing his suicide? Blah thats nonsense! This is a simple case of parents who (understandably) don't want to take responsibility for the FACT that there child had a mental illness and they did not seek the proper treatment and inadvertantly helped cause there sons death, this is something no parent want to except/admit to them selfs let alone a public newspaper where all ther friends and neihbors will read about it.

    No parent is going to say:
    This is the same idea behind children dieing of auto erotic self asphyxiation which is surprisingly very common with teenagers but as any autopsy tech or pathologist will tell you many family's try to mask the idea that there perfect son/daughter was getting there rocks off by choking them selfs and masturbating by recloathing there child and staging the scene as if it were a suicide instead of an accidental paraphilic death.

    In other words parents will always look right at the explanation that puts the least blame on them.
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