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'Cannabis club' student avoids prison after his own mother calls the police

  1. Guttz
    A student who ran a 'cannabis club' from his university halls was spared jail today - thanks to his mother's 'courageous' decision to shop him to police.

    Ex-public schoolboy Alexander Bull, 20, kept detailed notes of his drug deals - totalling thousands of pounds - on his laptops using spreadsheets, a court heard.

    He was arrested in April after his mother Ruth found his stash and called the police but avoided jail today thanks to her actions.

    'This case is unusual in that your mother had the desperate parental dilemma of how she bring you out of your particular addiction. It was exemplary and courageous,' said Judge Peter Clarke.

    'I can quite understand that there may be ill feeling towards your parents but by her doing this it has kept you out of prison. Normally these offences would see a period of years in prison.

    'Your mother had to wrestle with this decision and with enormous difficulty. You have a lot to thank your mother for.'

    Bull, who was said to be 'severely addicted' to cannabis and was often 'so high he did not realise how obvious it was to his mother' that he was constantly taking drugs, pleaded guilty to one count of possession of class A drugs, one of possession of class B, and one count of possession of class B with intent to supply.

    Bull was found with 12mg of cocaine, 1.64g of cannabis resin and 26.02 grammes of skunk.

    The Oxford Brooke student was handed a 12-month detention sentence today, suspended for a year, and was also ordered him to do 150 hours community service.

    Bull's blonde mother wept silently as the judge handed down the sentence.

    Thomas Nicholas-Pratt, for Bull, earlier said his client is a 'naive young man' who got 'caught up in the cannabis tide gushing round Oxford Brookes'.

    He went on: 'Mr Bull's mother contacted police after she became concerned about his behaviour. She did what she thought was the best for her son and my client realises that.

    'Mr Bull did not corrupt anyone else, he was already a user before going to Oxford Brookes and so were the people he sold drugs to.'

    Passing sentence, the judge told the student: 'You have had the good sense to acknowledge your responsibility for your actions, as acting as a hub of a small wheel of soft drug supply at university.

    'It was a subculture that you were an enthusiastic member of. Such an enthusiastic member that your mother has written to the court telling how you were so high you did not realise how obvious it was to her that you were consistently taking drugs.'

    Judge Clarke said that Bull did not need probation because he was now free of his drug hell.

    The judge added: 'You are making considerable efforts to rid yourself of the low level of extreme addiction to class B drugs.'

    Bull, of Regent's Park, north London, declined to comment after court.

    8:20 PM on 13th December 2010


  1. MrG
    Hang on, he avoided a prison term thanks to his 'courageous' mother?

    If it wasn't for her actions, he wouldn't have been charged in the first place!

    12mg(!) Cocaine, 1.64g of hash and a little under an ounce of weed (although they use the term 'skunk' this being a Daily Fail article ensures that there is a famine of facts and a glut of scaremongering), hardly warrants a jail term anyway. If he'd have been caught with it all in his pockets they wouldn't have had sufficient grounds to seek a charge of supply.

    I don't doubt that it is a difficult situation as a parent but, come on, there are better ways of handling it than shopping the lad to the authorities!
  2. corvardus
    "Bull's blonde mother" that particular comment isn't lost on me. Are the writers suggesting that the mother was being a typical blonde, performing a monumentally retarded act? Who knows?

    It is probably fortunate that he didn't get a custodial sentence, perhaps there could be a salvaging of the relationship. If he was given a custodial sentence I would certainly understand and to a certain extent empathise with the desire to simply sever any further contact.
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