Cannabis Growing Dad Posts Videos on YouTube

By chillinwill · Feb 20, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    A DOPEY dad has put up a video of his Crawley 'marijuana factory' on YouTube.
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    The potty video, posted on February 4, shows a growing room with high power lights and green mass of cannabis plants of different sizes.

    The mystery grower, known only as 'Stackinpaper', identifies himself as 29 years old with a 'Mrs' and a 12-month-old baby.

    Behind the camera he boasts of the different strains of weed and equipment he is using, before rounding up by asking: "What else do you need?"

    And at one point his reflection is clearly visible in the footage as he runs the camera over his stash.

    In the comments section below, he banters with others and dispenses tips to other growers. In one comment he claims he could make UKP 12,000 every three months from his 'tent', and in another he reveals his electricity bill is UKP 124 a month.

    Asked by one viewer if he uses a fan in his growing room, he answers: "Nah that noise in the background is the planes at Gatwick taking off man, lol.

    "Of course i use a fan, 3 in fact."

    Replying to another comment in which the viewer asks to buy some off him he says: "Selling bud is a danger in itself, now selling to a stranger is just plain ludacrous."

    The 'dopey' weed grower has also posted up other videos, including one in which he of an fishing trip with mates, which he identifies as being somewhere near Crawley.

    The Observer passed the information to the cops who vowed to look into the suspect footage.

    Chief Insp Steve Curry said: "We would like to thank the Crawley Observer for making police aware of certain footage on You Tube.

    "This matter was brought to our attention late this afternoon and we have not yet had an opportunity to view the content of the video, but we will do so expeditiously, to establish whether or not there are any offences which have been committed in the Crawley area, which need to be investigated.

    "I would ask anyone with information to contact DC John Hord at Crawley police station on 0845 60 70 999, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."

    Then on Thursday ( February 12 ) the green-fingered grass grower posted yet another vid to show how much his plants had grown.

    Praising the latest strain he was growing, called NYCD, he said: "Gorgeous smoke, lovely smell. Absolutely fantastic, can't wait to smoke some of that."

    February 18, 2009
    Crawley Observer

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  1. Decstar
    SWIM wants to know where he can find this video.
  2. Herbal Healer 019
    :eek:Wow amazingly blatent stupidity on the part of the grower, but on the bright side of things: thank god they got some of that highly dangerous marijuana off the street:applause:, Im sure it will have a significant effect on the wide spread Marijuana trade..Taxes well spent:thumbsup:
  3. nate81
    Man, it's amazing how people ignore rule number one: NEVER tell ANYONE about the grow op.

    If he's smart he'll destroy everything and move far away. Since he isn't, his kid won't know daddy for a few years at least. Very sad.
  4. Alfa
    Youtube is full of self-incriminating videos.
  5. Don't fear the Reaper
    If he has a 12 month old baby as well as a wife, the worst thing he could possibly do is get himself arrested. I'm sure with all this added attention, he'll become a little more enlightend on how fast things can escalate. From youtube video to newspapers and the police! All in under 20 days. Has he been caught? The article didn't say.

    SWIM wonders how people think sometimes :)
  6. DopinDan
    The cops can probably get the IP address that uploaded the videos from youtube, and if he is dumb enough to have filmed it himself, and uploaded it from his own account, he is busted.
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