Cannabis haul seized in west Dublin (Ireland)

By D.U.M.B · Aug 15, 2007 · ·
  1. D.U.M.B
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    Cannabis haul seized in west Dublin

    Cannabis resin worth about €250,000 has been seized by gardai, it emerged today.

    Two men – aged 25 and 27 – are being quizzed after the drugs were discovered during a routine patrol on Kylemore Road, Ballyfermot in west Dublin, at 7.30pm last night.

    The crackdown was part of the crime reduction Initiative Operation Anvil 2.

    The men are being held at Ballyfermot Garda Station under Section 2, Criminal Justice (Drug Trafficking) Act, 1996.

    “The substance seized, depending on the results of forensic analysis, has an estimated market value of €250,000,” said a garda spokeswoman

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  1. Joe Duffy
    I wonder how much it is really worth.
  2. Hyperspaceblastoff
    like a 5th of that
    i saw of tv they estimated all this weed to be about 5 million, its was from jamaca
    then they showed the weed and it was all brown and dense as fuck, like total stress
    i wouldnt have even smoked any of that if it was free
  3. lulz
    I wish I could find the link, but there was an interesting article on how the gardai estimate the value of a seized haul. Let's say they find a pound of shit soapbar. They do something like calculate the price for, say an ounce(i.e. 200 euros lol), and then they multiply that by 16. Obviously the quantities seized are usually a lot greater, but you get what I'm saying.

    It makes them look good though, that's all that matters!

    All the same, it seems hard as fook to get any hash in Dublin at the moment. This news will surely make the drought even worse. Time to resort to good ol MOM. My crazy uncle Joe has only been able to buy soapbar recently, which is better than nothing, but hey... it's soapbar.
  4. Joe Duffy
    Yeah I know what you mean,

    I find when it comes to cannabis resin value estimates by the Gardaí, dividing by three usually gives a better approximation of its real value.
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