Cannabis 'is making teenagers impotent', say doctors

By RaverHippie · Apr 28, 2008 · ·
  1. RaverHippie

    This is the first I've heard of this. Found nothing in the search engine..

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  1. Stephenwolf
    So cannabis has potential as Birth Controll in oversexed teens? how is that a bad thing?
  2. Greenport
    Well, I can't say I know any teens who can't have kids due to pot. In fact, it seems to me that there are more kids being born in groups that involve teenage pot smokers than in the non-smokers. Although, that's not necessarily directly related...
  3. snapper
    Wasn't this myth debunked in the 70s, along with THC triggering gynecomastia ?
    This is purely subjective, but SWIM smoked/smokes up to 5-6 joints worth a day since before being a teenager and has always had an overactive libido, which becomes even more overactive after smoking. Seems the correlation would have been discovered much earlier than now..
  4. dr ACE
    tobacco is probably just as bad, smoking anything will reduce your circulation
  5. Senor Gribson
    If swim lost his ability to get an erection, he would likely smoke a LOT more pot.

    Besides, wasn't this a weak reefer madness claim that was debunked numerous times?
    Oh, I forgot, modern skunk is completely different from the harmless cannabis of previous generations.
  6. N0ly
    SWIMS personal experience begs to differ, low sex drive has never EVER been an issue. And do children really need to be having children. SWIM has heard studies indicating that pot can lower sperm count but only temporarily and full out impotence is not heard of to SWIM.
  7. Lethargy
    We call "Propaganda!"


    Not that it matters much, as significant differences may occur due to high use in developing bodies, but everyone we've heard speak about the mix of cannabis and sex has had nothing but praise for the herb's effect on libido and performance.
  8. Nature Boy
    "Growing numbers of teenagers are being treated for impotence after smoking cannabis for several years."

    A claim like that might want to be backed up with some data and even if data can be provided, it still only suggests that more teenagers are being treated for impotence which doesn't necessarily indicate they are actually impotent. This is a lot like these stories you hear in the English papers about record numbers of teenagers being brought to rehab over pot. It may not necessarily mean they need to go to rehab, it just means they're attending. Quite similar to the routine filling up of prisons and 12 step programmes in the US.

    "Experts are now calling for more research to be carried out into the links between sexual dysfunction and the drug."

    Hasn't this been done and dismissed many times already? This is like a throw-back to the original Reefer Madness. I'm shocked to see this tactic being deployed in Reefer Madness v2.0 as there is absolutely no scientific basis behind it.

    "Anecdotal evidence already points towards its role in causing impotence and in lowering testosterone and sexual desire.

    Anecdotal evidence doesn't mean shit considering the large amount of people that have the exact opposite opinion on this.

    "Ian Russell, a specialist nurse practitioner in andrology and urology at Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary in Scotland, said:

    "In my clinic I see youngsters from the age of 17 onwards with sexual dysfunction. The age of onset of smoking cannabis is young, ten-year-olds in some areas.""

    And how many of these kids smoke tobacco as well? If they're smoking cannabis at ten, they're almost certainly smoking cigarettes at eight. But of course this is somehow irrelevant in drawing these sweeping generalisations.

    "This can potentially suppress and traumatise the formation of leydig cells, which secrete testosterone, in the testes."

    Potentially? Potentially I would get a headache if I had to put up with more of this trash journalism. Yapping on about leydig cells and testosterone secretion requires hard evidence.

    "Professor Sheena Lewis, one of the UK's leading experts on male reproduction, said: "I don't know of anyone who has done research on impotence and cannabis. It's about time someone did.""


    Dr. Robert Block in Drug and Alcohol Dependence 28: 121-8 (1991).

    Although Block's study concludes that cannabis lowering testosterone is indeed a myth, the only studies on the contrary one can find indicate that cannabis merely temporarily lowers testosterone and not even on a level comparable to alcohol and tobacco.
  9. sknkv2
    Marijuana: The black markets latest strategy to tackle the growing teenage pregnancy problem.
  10. Panthers007
    I can see the "research" being carried out now - in my mind's eye...

    Enter Doctor Rimjob Sr. The good doctor is 69 years old. He weighs 375 pounds, and smells of rancid chicken. He's a heavy tobacco smoker(Lucky Strikes) and has a raspy voice and a hacking cough...

    And now enter our teenage potsmoker...

    Bud is 17 and thin. Not a great athlete, but he gets along well with the ladies, and the ladies like him. Bud doesn't act like a moron around them and treats them like human beings...silly Bud. Bud smokes about 10 joints a week. Mostly with his girlfriend - Terra - whose mother found out about the two of them - and promptly put her daughter on The Pill. For $100 he has agreed to be part of Dr. Rimjob's research on marijuana. He has not been told exactly what this research is about, but has been told it is strictly confidential. Bud intends to buy some pot with the money...

    Dr. Rimjob: "So you smoke the marijuana do YOU?" - coughs Dr. Rimjob, breathing heavily.

    Bud: "Uh...Yeah. Like I said on the form."

    Dr. Rimjob: "Did you smoke this drug TODAY??" - rasps Rimjob, swallowing a glob of mucus.

    Bud: "Well, yeah. After breakfast around 8:00 before school."

    Dr. Rimjob: "I see." The doctor looks at his watch. It had stopped running - unlike most of his patients - "Did you have SEX at school? Did you? With a girl? DID YOU?!" - Rimjob says, clearing his throat for emphasis.

    Bud: "No way. I'd never have sex at school. That's crazy. Who has sex at school, dude?"

    Dr. Rimjob: "So do you have SEX in the bushes on your way to SCHOOL??" - demands Rimjob, sweat beading up on his red and wrinkled forehead. Red from anoxia from the smoking.

    Bud: "No dude. Aren't we going to talk about marijuana? I thought this was about smoking pot?"

    Dr. Rimjob: "Never mind what this is about! If I gave you a reefer, would you MASTURBATE?? WOULD YOU??" - inquired the now fully red and sweaty Rimjob.

    Bud: "Fuck no dude! I'm getting the fuck outta here! You're nuts!"

    Dr. Rimjob: "We will MAIL you the check!!" - coughing, hacking, peeing...

    And the squalid Dr. Rimjob proceeds to enter his findings in the Beer & Wine Journal on Medical Sexual Dysfunction:

    "Subject B. admitted freely his addiction to Marijuana - bragging he smoked often. Asked about his sexual functioning, the subject denied sexual thoughts of any normal kind. In normal teenage sexual environments, B. admitted no interest. Though subject B. showed interest in obtaining marijuana, B. denied masturbation.

    It is my conclusion that B. is suffering from irreversible impotence due to his use of this foul plant."

    Dr. Rimjob then left the office for the day, stopped in the bushes to jerk-off, and got in his car for the drive to his mother's house where he lived.
  11. chinpokomaster
    Of course not forgetting that most people smoke cannabis in a mixture with tobacco and tobacco DOES cause impotence. Coincidence?
  12. Nature Boy
    It would depend how much tobacco is being smoked. I don't think the equivalent of one or two cigarette's worth of tobacco a day is capable of causing impotence in a teenage male. Even with fairly heavy cigarette smokers, the onset of irreversible impotence takes years and years. I would imagine obesity to be the main cause of teenage impotence realistically.
  13. chrisn
    In Doug Benson's documentary that just came out called "Super High Me" his sperm count is tested when not smoking at all for 30 days and then again when smoking excessively for 30 was a lot higher during his smoking period. This may be just anecdotal evidence but it's more than this article provides.
  14. Nature Boy

    I wouldn't even jump on that bandwagon either. I don't really think cannabis has any real regulation of testosterone levels. With so many different factors affecting testosterone production, a whole host of various elements need to be considered when assessing how something might lower it. Double-blind clinical trials are the only way and they haven't produced shit so it puts the whole issue up in smoke, if you will.

    Increased testosterone levels correlate with good mood and lowered stress levels in males however. I guess Doug just really likes his weed.
  15. stoneinfocus
    Suddenly, teenagers should have sex with another? Without marriage ?

    Same sex experiments at the age of about 8-11? Girl-friends with 12-13?

    Make cannabis legal in god´s name! :/
  16. x cynic x

    Does it continue to show the viewer how this effect is not actually perpetual?
  17. AntiAimer
    Yeah ok, most peeps say it's a aphrodisiac for them. Which was for Smurf at the start, not anymore. Nor has it hendered him from getting it up though.

    Funny how every few months there's something new and crazy Marijuana supposedly does to it's users. Probably why we haven't cured a disease in decades and actually have caused new ones to arise. Seems alot of research is put into BS, so it makes the illusion as if there doing something productive.
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