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By Nature Boy · Mar 20, 2007 · ·
  1. Nature Boy
    SWIM was shocked to wake up and see this on the news. Some nutjob goes on a walk in the countryside with two so-called friends and stabs them to death with a hunting knife during some sort of psychotic episode. It's like they're suggesting he went insane from smoking cannabis and suddenly attacked these two guys out of nowhere. He had a hunting knife. It must have been pre-meditated. Why can't the media see this?


    Tom Palmer
    Jail Term 'Unacceptable'

    Updated: 17:20, Tuesday March 20, 2007

    The families of two boys murdered by a cannabis addict have described the killer's minimum 20 year jail term as "unacceptable".
    Tom Palmer, 20, will serve a minimum of 20 years for murdering Steven Bayliss, 16, and Nuttawut Moechao, 14.
    A jury at Reading Crown Court rejected Palmer's admission of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsiblity.

    A habitual user of cannabis and a fan of violent horror movies, Palmer butchered the pair with a hunting knife.
    The attack took place on a leafy footpath near Wokingham, Berkshire, in September 2005.
    The injuries to Steven's neck were so severe that police thought the killer had tried to sever his head from his shoulders.
    Victims: Nuttawut and Steven
    David Bayliss, Steven's father, said: "We believe that life should mean life as that is what we have been left to serve.
    "It is an unacceptable sentence for two murders and we will be appealing against it.
    "There will always be an unanswered yearning to hear his laugh and his arms around us. We have lost a beautiful and loving son who we were extremely proud of."
    Gerald Pontet, Nuttawut's guardian, said: "The judge is supposed to represent justice.
    "He has neither served the jury, the community or the victims and he has sent entirely the wrong message. It is despicable."

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  1. Alicia
    bacause the drugs are bad message comes in more readily accepted. then the he was always ready warped lets not look at that but blame cannabis motive.

    He already had his stabbin' knife out with with conscious decision of inflicting harm long before the craziness ever came in to play.. Pure puke.
  2. LiLiTH
    The term 'cannabis addict' used in the piece of news evidently intends to lay big responsibility in marijuana use and its probably one of the last things involved! Do the media lack information about drug use or they simply HAVE to blame everything on it to keep the soma control over society?
  3. MinorityReport
    laced :smoking:
  4. Trebor
    ACtually Nate, Swim carries a hunting knife on his person at all times, has a hammer in the boot of his car and a starters pistol just in case some guy trys to rob Swim. Sorry...

    Oh, and he has a rifle in storage.

    But with regards to htis, shame, more ass holes fucking it up for the rest of us.
  5. Nagognog2
    I haven't seen anything that blatantly slanted into a trough of dogshit since some of the propaganda from circa 1936 USA. Utterly reprehensible. The writer should be beaten into a coma with his typewriter.
  6. podge
    All of the spin masters at sky news should be forced to retract this bullshit statement. Such blatent propaganda and irresponsible use of cannabis as a scapegoat for a clearly troubled individual.
  7. Riconoen {UGC}
    I think he was a bit nuts to begin with. why is that when drugs are found on a person whos commited a crime it's automatically the drugs fault?

    EDIT: anyone on this forum who lives in the UK needs to write a letter to sky news urging them to retract this reefer madness fear mongering horse-shit article immediatly.
  8. Nature Boy
    The defendant was not high and did not have any cannabis on him when the incident happened. The judge delivered a lower sentence because he clearly felt that this horrible individual did not pre-meditate the attack and that it was a fit or rage caused by past cannabis use which brought about a mental condition. Surely wouldn't an obsession with knives and violent movies be a more realistic scapegoat? Although I don't believe there is one in this case. The guy should get life in prison.
  9. AntiAimer
    20 year old hanging with a 16 and 14 year old boy....who are his 'friends'. Ok.

    Anyways this idiot needs to be put to death.
  10. Alicia

    Swia would say that would also motivate the unjust killing. however swia's friend has an obsession with knifes and knife fighting disciplines and used to read about serial killers, has anxiety and smokes weed like no tomorrow. She could not believe people stopped hanging round him with over some crap journalism.

    He'd never ACT his FANTASIES out . I.e No the difference between right and wrong.

    He knew what he was doing, if he was psychotic during the murder then it would be a different story.

    I agree with Nag ...lol
  11. Riconoen {UGC}
    In all seriousness, Why does the media time and time again have to blame something for the actions of a criminal. Oh, little billy just shot someone! That bastard grand theft auto made him do it, or jesus christ on a stick john just did a multiple murder suicide, but I found some coke and a copy of pulp fiction in his room, that must be to blame. God forbid people take responsibility for thier own actions. I think people are taking longer and longer to grow the fuck up, It's like back in elementary school and you put glue on someones chair and blamed it him taking your crayons. Our society is dematuring, everyone has to sue and scapegoat. The day a lost temper settled with an apology an a handshake and the latest murder taken for what it is and no geraldo rivera telling the world it was doom that made him do it is a day that will never come...
  12. jonny thaiwongy
    Absolutely disgraceful the lad who did this was violent with no morals end of story. Nowadays anyone who tells me bullshit about weed or any other drug is getting an earful.
  13. jonny thaiwongy
    That post left to quick but i was gunna say... last weekend two swifs were out on th e town this was bout 12 no one really plastered, a bit stoned anyway this little scumbag starts on one of the boys, hes one these ppl who uses drink as an excuse to be a prick.

    anyway they fight swif1 edges it and scumbag walks away, gets a knife an comes back waving it round swif 2 stands in front of swif1 and gets stabbed twice in the chest!!! he survived and laughs about it now... but this is sickening ithink every school should have a psychologist to monitor children from a mental and behavioral standpoint and certain social norms should be instilled.

    whats the point of school if you dont learn to be a normal person!!!
  14. enquirewithin
    If he had been high on cannabis, he prrobably would not have killed those kids.

    Sky TV is right at the bottom of the scale of journalism.
  15. TAP
    crazy news story.
    TAP agree's with what everyones said. why was he hanging around with children in comparison to his age. why would you carry a hunting knife as protection, when you can clearly get the job done with a safety pin. (if the job needs doing)
    so many questions, so few answers.
    just blame it on the bush.
    shame it wasnt alcohol, it'd be banned tomorrow, or at least the age limit raised to 21.
    anyway 20 years is clearly not enough, these fools need to stop acting out computer antics. and start living and appreciating their's and other lives.

    Take care of yourselves, annd eachother
    :) x
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