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Cannabis leaf sticker put over traffic light

By Phungushead · Nov 2, 2009 · ·
  1. Phungushead
    Cannabis leaf sticker put over traffic light

    TRAFFIC in a Hampshire village has gone totally to pot.

    Drivers in North Baddesley couldn’t believe their eyes after jokers had slapped black cannabis leaf symbol masks to several green lights.

    Motorist Bill Chandler, from Romsey, spotted the prank on the lights at the junction of Botley Road and Castle Lane.

    “They would have had to be really tall to reach the lights because they are high up,” he said.

    Local councillor Alan Dowden said: “This is a safety device and defacing it in this way could lead to concentration being lost by a driver and an accident of some kind.

    Anyone who sees this sort of thing happening should report it.”
    Highways staff have now removed the images.

    October 30, 2009



  1. Venusia
    That is really too funny, but I agree that it would be distracting to a driver. Thanks for the laugh!
  2. vibrancy3
    i can see a craze coming on here
  3. PRDX
  4. chaos69
    I'm sure they were high enough to reach. Haha!
  5. shroooom
    I laughed out loud - brilliant joke!
  6. Plasma
    Haha, that's brilliant. Would love to see all the lights like that over here.
  7. Garuccio
    Thats great! i wish something like that happened in my city it would make for a teriffic story lol
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