Cannabis mum "should be praised" says judge

By grecian · Sep 28, 2009 · Updated Oct 4, 2009 · ·
  1. grecian
    Cannabis mum “should be praised,” says judge

    A mother who grew a few cannabis plants to ease her arthritis deserved commending rather than punishment a judge said.

    Canterbury Crown Court heard of the tragic death of Sandra Conway’s husband and how one son had trained successfully to become an architect and her other son who was disabled, taught disabled children.

    Mrs Conway 53 of Fosters Close Cheriton, was to be sentenced for producing 39 cannabis plants and possessing three pieces of cannabis resin. She was given an absolute discharge.

    James Bisland prosecuting, said police acting under the Misuse of Drugs Act, searched Mrs Conway’s home and found the plants in a cupboard. Packages wrapped in newspaper were found in a drawer and herbal cannabis discovered in the kitchen.

    A total of 353grams of herbal cannabis was found with 2.6g of cannabis resin. “She accepted she was growing the cannabis and knew she shouldn’t have been doing it but was doing it to see if she could “ said Mr Bilsand.

    All she had done was water the plants. She bought the seeds at a shop in Tontine Street and smoked the cannabis on a casual basis because she suffered from arthritis.

    Ian Foinette, for Mrs Conway, said over the last nine years she had undergone all sorts of experiences one would not wish on most people. He declined to dwell on the circumstances which made her a widow but said that she had suffered at first hand and saw her late husband use cannabis to alleviate some of the pain.

    Giving Mrs Conway an absolute discharge Judge Anthony Webb said: “I have read everything in this case. In some ways you’re deserving of commendation by this court rather punishment. To have brought up a son qualified as an architect and to have brought up your other son who has done what he has done with disabled children, and to have suffered the grief you have in your life, it is very sad that you are in court this time. I am going to absolutely discharge you in relation to these matters. You must be very careful in future” he said.

    Kentish Express

    Thursday 10 Sep 2009

    Please note this is a copy of the orginal article (I was unable to find the orginal)

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  1. chinpokomaster
    Another person in this story needs commending, too - the judge! He had the balls to say the only thing that was morally proper to say in the face of an unjust law. Bravo that man.
  2. corvardus
    Interesting, this. There is absolutely no sign of this story on the internet apart from the Cannabis websites. No google, no news, nothing. Not even the website from the News provider that did the story in the first place.

    Having done a bit of digging I managed to find this, which I have enclosed for our delectation.


    I'm not one for conspiracy theories but this one is quite elaborate if it is! ;)

    I'm going to try and see if I am able to find more info on this.
  3. Nature Boy
    I'm not sure what to make of this at all. Of course this woman does not deserve to be punished for what she did but what about all the others who get fines, community service and/or jailtime for cannabis possession? The judge felt sympathy based on her tough circumstances but in terms of upholding the law, nonsensical as they are, he's basically let a criminal run free. So from now on peoples' moral character needs to be assessed before a judge can decide what to do with them? Is this guilty before being proven innocent?

    Imagine a regular Joe. Their family life isn't particularly stressful, perhaps they even live alone. Regular Joe has no illnesses, he just smokes cannabis to help him sleep. He doesn't have any major crisis in his life, he just happens to enjoy a toke and doesn't harm anyone else. He's hardly going to get the same pardon, is he?

    This is yet another reason why cannabis laws need to be changed. It's causing way too much confusion. So person of the year gets to smoke it, regular Joe probably gets a hefty fine and Joe Scumbag probably gets locked up for it. It just doesn't seem like a fair system to me. That's if, as corvardus suggested, this story ever happened in the first place.
  4. chillinwill
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  5. bubbly nubs
    Hang on...39 plants for her arthritis? 353g of green??? Yeah, personal use my arse!!! How much does this woman smoke a day!!

    I can accept that she may have needed the cannabis to ease her pain but I have seen many people who have been caught with less than 7 plants go to jail. This is fucking unjust. 353g?! That much cannabis is worth a fair bit.

    EDIT: I just saw cannabis sam's post but I felt the need to express my opinion.
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