Cannabis smoke 'has more toxins' - BBC News

By Whit · Dec 19, 2007 · ·
  1. Whit
    Inhaled cannabis smoke has more harmful toxins than tobacco, scientists have discovered. The Canadian government research found 20 times as much ammonia, a chemical linked to cancer, New Scientist said.
    The Health Canada team also found five times as much hydrogen cyanide and nitrogen oxides, which are linked to heart and lung damage respectively.
    But tobacco smoke contained more of a toxin linked to infertility. Experts said users must be aware of the risks.

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  1. Dark_Man_Of_Peace
    I personally disagree with th scientists findings. If Cannabis is worse for you than tabbacco, why aren't there any reported cases of lung cancer linked to Cannabis? In SWIM's experience with tabbacco and Cannabis, tabbacco has done alot more damage to his system than Cannabis.

    Dark_Man _Of_Peace
  2. Micutzul
    It's just part of the general campaign against drugs . Yes , it probably is true ( although i wouldn't be surprised if some of these drug researches are exagerated ) . But it is presented in an irelevant matter.

    They just say that " tobbaco users smoke more than marjiuana users " . The truth is they smoke infinitely more than marijuana users . Many smokers smoke up to 40 cigarettes every day while many marijuana users smoke a joint a day , to say at most . People who use marijuana 10-20 times a day are very rare . And even those smoke much less than tobacco users.

    Also , marijuana users often take breaks , and most importantly they don't smoke their entire lives . Eventually , you don't get the same feeling , or the social /practical side of things starts to change and many quit . Many users just smoke intensly for say , maximum some years , and if they do continue they do it ocasionally . ( I base this on swim's experience with pot head friends and stuff that he read . If you want to look it up , i think you'll find it quite close to the truth )

    Now tobacco users don't take breaks , except usually short lived and quite rare attempts to quit smoking . And a very big percentage of them don't quit . They die as smokers , increasing quantities as tolerance increases . Or some smoke 20-30 years and then manage to quit , a period much longer than usual marijuana smokers .

    Now had they presented this side of the story , it had been an objective opinion .But as it is , it just seems to emphasise that smoking marijuana is worse than smoking tobacco ( from the smoke point of view ) or in the most indulgent appreciation of that article , it could be considered that they are equally harmful .

    The truth is different
  3. Nature Boy
    Tobacco may be more damaging because it does not contain cancer-fighting characteristics such as those found in cannabinoids. Cannabis may not be as harmful in terms of contracting lung cancer but it may be worse in terms of other smoking-related illnesses. That being said, cannabis is smoked in smaller amounts, less often and through safer delivery methods. Cigarettes are chain-smoked and contain high levels of chlorine.
  4. entheogensmurf
    I love detailed analysis of everything. The problem I see here is that if read with propagandist, misinformed or ignorant eyes, this brings a type of conclusion that here is proof of the dangers that are not there. I appreciate their specifics towards "smoke" and not the plant consumed by other methods. With a small amount of effort one can see this is only an indication there are more toxins, however, they have never been a known cause of complications in thousands of years of use. blah blah... :)
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