Cannabis use leads to drink, hard drugs

By chillinwill · Apr 6, 2010 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    PARENTS have been warned to take a tough line on teenagers who smoke cannabis, with research showing even occasional use can lead to alcoholism and harder drugs.

    About 2000 Australian schoolchildren were tracked over a decade in a study that found those who had used cannabis occasionally at age 13 and 14 were more likely to be taking ecstasy, cocaine or amphetamines at 24. They were also more at risk of addiction to cannabis, with one in 10 occasional teen users hooked as adults.

    Almost one-third of occasional cannabis users were taking harder drugs in their early 20s compared with 11 per cent of those who had not earlier used the substance.

    The study, in last week's British Journal of Psychiatry, linked higher levels of alcoholism to cannabis use. It said 15 per cent of occasional cannabis smokers were addicted to alcohol in early adulthood, compared with only 9 per cent of those who had not smoked dope.

    While overall those who smoked cannabis regularly – weekly or more – had the highest levels of substance abuse in adulthood, the finding that those who had dabbled only occasionally – less than weekly –were also at risk, is significant.

    The study contradicts previous research that suggested regularly smoking the drug could lead to adult substance abuse but was less harmful if used infrequently.

    Lead author Louisa Degenhardt, from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at the University of NSW, said the study highlighted the need for early intervention to stop children taking up the habit.

    "What it definitely says is that early onset occasional cannabis use is a marker for being more likely to be engaging in a whole range of drug use behaviours in young adulthood."

    Australian Childhood Foundation chief executive Joe Tucci urged parents not to allow their children to experiment with cannabis. "Patterns of behaviour start early in children, so these habits can be very hard to break. Cannabis can cause lots of detrimental impacts all the way through to psychosis as you get older, so the perception of cannabis as a softer, harmless drug is not right."

    April 4, 2010

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  1. twoiko
    "People who are willing to take drugs eventually try more/different drugs."

    Who would've guessed that people who do drugs tend to do more than one?
  2. alienfetus
    Different chemicals effect different people in different ways. Personally, swim was turning into an alcoholic before he started smoking refer. Now, swim has barely had anything to drink in months.
  3. LordeV
    Of course, it is natural that people after tasting the forbidden fruit and seeing it is no big deal will try other trees if they feel like it.

    Take SWIM example. This poor sod used to be very anti-drug before his twenties, often blaming all crime and violence on traffic and willing to hang all those who dared to put those evil substances in their blood. Fortunately for him, college opened his mind and he tasted alcohol to inebriation for the first time, then MJ/hash, following up LSD and mushrooms. He does not abuse any of these substances, with use being rather sporadic -- he prefers to avoid long term side-effects, if he can. Yet, after treading the world of psychoactive drugs he found that the lion was just a cat. Most people who use drugs are... well, people; they are no different from anyone else, except perhaps they have to use illegal means to find whatever rocks their boats. More, most of the times drug users behave well, with the setting making all the difference.

    With only positive or neutral feedback how could anyone deny trying new stuff? Getting high is cool, no, it is delicious. Why not pursue new substances, like a chef pursue new ingredients to his cuisine? So yeah, Cannabis open doors to a new and strange world. Some people will abuse it, some people won't but isn't that what happens to, say, everything else? To me, these studies do nothing more than propel the public defamation rocket
    that keeps being fired upon drug users and addicts. This kind of bullshit should be shown by what it really is: total bullshit.
  4. Knifey
    I think that is everybody, just some people go without their boat being rocked or they abuse heavily the "legal" alternatives and die even quicker. death, illegality or boredom. They are the options in which we live.
  5. Sushi
    I admit, I did not even bother to read the whole press release.
    Neither I read every comment in the thread in its entirety but just musing, and guessing, and trying to provide a slightly different case for your consideration:

    Could this be the case in some, hm, cases, that some subjects, smoking or ingesting cannabinoids, the one the most to blame (marijuana) being a hybrid (psychedelic-stimulant-CNS depressant) makes some people think about some very deep issues rooted in their psyches and eventually not being able to figure them out or solve them by themselves - yep, some people can't do it, with their issues so deeply rooted or so entangled - so they eventually refrain mostly from doing illicit psychedelic and mind opening drugs and do mostly CNS depressants and sensory input shutting or euphoric drugs (the ones that are accidentally also the most most addictive) and eventually end up in a rehab where they are examined by specialists? And if they suffer one kind of another of a mental breakdown, psychedelics are the ones to blame, with their reputation of psychoses and flesh-back causing drugs?

    Just thinking aloud.
  6. xenos
    Lots of good posts in this thread. Echoing what others have said, the DARE approach must end if we want to get rid of the rediculous Gateway drug concept. The fact(if it is a fact) that people try cannabis before trying other substances, shows no causal correlation, other than the fact that cannabis is publically known, for good reason, to be a softer drug compared to others. Thanks to the DARE approach(an analogy im making based on the BS drug propaghanda that wasted my time in Americas public schools, conceptually identical to any abstinence-only drug views), drugs are a)The forbidden fruit, adolescents LOVE forbidden fruit.
    b)All horrible for you and will end your life as you know it and you will never be happy.

    So naturally many kids that sit through this nonsense are now more informed about this whole new world of drugs, with varying views on it. Those that do DARE to try a substance, are more inclined to either try whatever is the most available, or pot, which is often the most available at a young age. They try the pot, hey its not that bad at all. Those cops were lying like they always do, the whole time! The point is that they now realize they have been lied to. This is where it can get ugly. Some people will think, well if they lied about pot, coke, ecstacy, heroin cant be that bad either! BOOM! MARIJUANA IS THEIR GATEWAY DRUG! BAD CANNABIS!
    and somehow, to this day, Cannabis is blamed for this. It is ludicrous. I would recommend for anyone new to drugs with an interest, to try cannabis first, it just makes sense.

    It defies science to use the fact that cannabis was their first drug(because alcohol and coffee probably dont even count for some reason), and then use that fact as leverage for the ludicrous claim that there is a causal relationship other than what I described above for cannabis opening up the door for real drug abuse. The system is set up to make it appear this way.

    I dunno about yall, but swims gateway drug(whatever that means) was alcohol and coffee. He then tried pot, became a stoner, a label he wears proudly to this day. It helps his bipolar and anxiety problems, as well as allowing him to see situations in a state that is less rooted in his own shoes, he considers it an empathogen for him, not that he sees this in others, but that is how he uses it. It is his DOC, sure he has tried everything under the sun almost, but nothing compares to cannabis.

    phew, sorry. this subject gets me rhiled up sometimes!
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