Cannabis User Fined for Smoking Tobacco in Amsterdam Coffee Shop

By chillinwill · Sep 24, 2008 · ·
  1. chillinwill

    THE HAGUE, 24/09/08 - A 27 year old Amsterdammer has been fined for smoking a joint. Cannabis was not the problem; he broke the tobacco law.
    The man is the owner of a 'coffee shop,' as the cannabis bars tolerated in the Netherlands are called. He lit a joint in his coffee shop. He was fined by a police officer because there was tobacco in the joint.

    It has been forbidden to smoke in hotels, bars en restaurants (horeca) in the Netherlands since 1 July. The ban also applies to coffee shops. However, if a joint consisting entirely of cannabis or hash is smoked, this does not come under the tobacco ban.
    A police spokesman confirmed yesterday that the man was fined. The reason was that he was not smoking a pure joint but one that also contained tobacco.

    Monitoring compliance with the smoking ban in horeca is in the hands of the Food and Non-food Authority (VWA). "But if a police officer signals an infringement, he does not close his eyes to it," according to the police spokesman.
    If the man does not pay the fine, his case will automatically be taken to court. This would for the first time produce a verdict on the seemingly clumsy construction that cannabis is not but tobacco is banned in coffee-shops.

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  1. Zaknafien
    Re: Cannabis User Fined for Smoking Tobacco

    Haha what a twist! That has to be the oddest thing swim has ever heard. No Tobacco but cannabis is alright.. weird
  2. DrewCeasa
    Re: Cannabis User Fined for Smoking Tobacco

    Makes me wish I wasn't in America
  3. adzket
    this is nut's just goes to show, that govenments rush threw laws with out thinking fully, of the counsiquises of it. maybe the litigators where stoned while writing up the laws. swim rarly smokes pot of any type but what else could swim use to make solid types of hash smokable? or for swiy's to in theory dilute down there weed as that is mainly why people mix tobaco with spliff, is to make it last longer, burn better, also so they dont get stoned so quickly.
    also swim belives it is illegal to smoke canabis out on the street in holland, so if swim can only smoke spliff in a coffee shop but not tobaco then what is swim todo as they mix tobaco with spliff as they dont like the strength of pure weed spliffs, or the taste. so now they could not smoke at all unless in there own home. which seeing as there not in holland is not going to be possible. so is it now like in uk where premises have bit's out side where one can go smoke cigarettes but are still have a drink. or are swiy's basicaly only aloud to smoke pure spliff in coffee shops or not smoke at all. also can you not get smoking hotel rooms?
  4. Alfa
    On the contrary. This Right wing Christian government will twist any law to get rid of coffeeshops. What you are reading here is a manifestation thereof.
    Coffeeshops are actually going trough hard times, because smokers can not smoke in coffeeshops anymore. So large coffeeshops with a lot of facilities are now unfavourable to it's customers. Customers rather buy their cannabis and go elsewhere to smoke. The coffeeshops income is reduced to cannabis sales.
  5. adzket
    so swim take's it none of the bigger place's have been able to add like outside
    gardens or the like so people who wish to add tobaco or just sit outside with a spliff and a coffee. like pub's have in the uk so people can sit outside and smoke and drink alcohol at the same time. also what about addding somthing else like tobaco is that possible. though swim can't think of anything them selfs that would be added this way to spliff's.
  6. Alfa
    Some have. Though outside may be comfortable in the summer; fall, winter and spring are way less comfortable to smoke outside in.
  7. adzket
    yeah swim agrees with that just did not know, but swim knew it is illegal to smoke spliff just out on street so did not know if there was a compromise so swim can smoke with tobaco, on the premis with out breaking law as swim is planing a trip to holland in near futer.
  8. cannabis-sam
    Swim was in amsterdam recently, swim saw that most people smoking hashish (well more like smelt) would sit outside, most coffeeshops seemed to provide a couple of chairs outside, swim also saw policeman walking past without complaining about the people sitting outside smoking.
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