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Cannabis users forget to participate in drugs survey

  1. enquirewithin
    BRITAIN’S cannabis smokers ‘dorked out’ responding to a survey on drugs legalisation.

    After a study found that only one person in seven wants drugs decriminalised, potheads said they had meant to participate but somehow never got around to it.

    Stoner Tom Logan said: “Yeah, I think they sent me a form about that. I really wanted to fill that in but somehow just didn’t get it together.

    “I’m pretty annoyed with myself for missing the deadline but never mind, shit happens. I’ll definitely do it next time.”



  1. source
    Haha, that's just typical, well done Britain.
  2. corvardus
    Given this is the front page of today unless there is a more reputable source for the "story" we shouldn't pay too much credence in what it has to say.

  3. source
    Oh doh *facepalm*
    That's what having one hours kip does I guess, and yeah thinking of it, who is likely to have the addresses of the said cannabis smokers to send them a survey..

    Britain is full of dickbags though!
  4. enquirewithin
    Satire and irony are very hard for second language speakers, even those well educated-- we all get caught out sometimes too. ;) But they probably would forget too!
  5. usually0
    haha funny but true. I think its for a different reason. Pot smokers get this crazy idea that government will legalize weed just because they want them to. But then they refuse to vote, or participate in politics because "fuck the government". Well how the fuck is pot going to be legalized when you don't vote or do anything political
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