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  1. chillinwill
    A new study has found that young people who use cannabis before the age of 18 end up with fewer academic qualifications.

    The study looked at 6,000 young people in New Zealand and Australia.

    Researchers found the young people were more likely to fail high school, less likely to enter university and less likely to get a university degree if they used cannabis.

    The research was based on the findings of three studies; including the University of Otago's long running health and development study.

    The research adds to the growing body of evidence linking early cannabis use with educational underachievement.

    May 21, 2010


  1. salviablue
    Makes total sense. For every one the etherlectricpenguin knew that smoked weed on a regular basis from 14 - 18 ended up with fewer academic qualifications. Although, half of them went on to actually get degrees and doctorates later on in life, and not all of those quit the herb.
    Like elp has always told me, shouldn't touch the stuff, or anything for that matter, more than a few times a month, if that, before the brain has finished, or near finished, its development, at around 23. Certainly, drugs should be left mostly alone until studies have been completed, as they certainly can (not necessarily by any means) increase the chances of failing or under achieving. Drugs are not kids toys, they are not something to "grow out of", they are something to "grow into", once 'grown'.
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