Cannabis users 'suffering new syndrome

By chillinwill · Mar 23, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    * "Grown men screaming in pain, vomiting"
    * World's first cases found in SA
    * Relief found in hot showers

    THERE is mounting evidence to support the existence of a new syndrome afflicting heavy cannabis users, after the world's first cases were found in South Australia.

    The condition "cannabinoid hyperemesis" was first identified in a group of about 20 heavy drug users in the Adelaide hills in 2004, and a new case has emerged this time in the US.

    The syndrome is characterised by nausea, stomach pain and bouts of vomiting - ill effects which, oddly, sufferers say they get some relief from by having a hot shower or bath.

    The new case, involving a 22-year-old man in Omaha, is published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology where doctors were also told to consider it when treating people with unexplained vomiting.

    "Given the high prevalence of chronic cannabis abuse worldwide and the paucity of reports in the literature, clinicians need to be more attentive to the clinical features of this under-recognised condition," writes Dr Siva Sontineni, and colleagues, from the Creighton University Medical Centre.

    In the US case, the sufferer had been smoking marijuana daily and in heavy doses for six years. This eventually led to bouts of vomiting lasting two to three hours daily, and this was worse after meals.

    As with South Australian cases, the young man initially turned to "compulsive hot bathing behaviour" to relieve the symptoms but he was not cured until he gave up smoking cannabis altogether.

    Adelaide-based drug expert and emergency ward doctor, Dr David Caldicott, said he had seen three cases of the illness and it was possibly also under-reported by sufferers.

    "We're probably seeing the tip of the iceberg in the emergency departments, it's probably far more common but far milder (in the broader community)," he said.

    Little was known about how cumulative cannabis use could lead to vomiting and, particularly, why sufferers would find some relief in hot bathing, Dr Caldicott also said.

    "That's a distinct and unanimously recurrent feature of this condition, and we don't know why," he said.

    "Grown men, screaming in pain, sweating profusely, vomiting every 30 seconds and demanding to be allowed to use the shower. It's a very dramatic presentation."

    Dr Caldicott said the condition had been identified in a small number of cannabis users "but in the medical community it is now considered to be a real condition".

    The National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre, based at the University of NSW, is taking a more conservative approach.

    Centre director Jan Copeland said more cases would need to emerge before it could be considered a new syndrome linked to chronic cannabis use.

    "It is not unusual for there to be significant mental and physical health complications with this level of cannabis use," Professor Copeland said.

    By Danny Rose
    March 23, 2009 05:47pm,27574,25229881-421,00.html

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  1. SWIM Bulgakov

    But on the bright side:
    Less people will say that potheads and hippies don't shower enough.
  2. Nature Boy
    Sounds like a crock of bullshit to me. They don't know how or why this condition occurs yet they still attach a label to it and expect the medical practitioners all over the world to be alert to it. Strange stuff. Not even anti-cannabis groups recognise it. Sums up its irrelevance really.
  3. snapper
    Well SWIM smokes lots of cannabis and SWIM has never suffered from this sort of nausea.
    SWIM also rarely bathes.

    So take [email protected]#$#% stereotypes and stick it up your &^@#$%@# Danny Rose !!
  4. Stu Bai
    This one certainly sounds most unheard and bizzare. It's a bit as abstract as saying drinking a can of coke will make your legs fall off.

    That attatched picture is friggin awesome though.
  5. BloodNutz
    This is extremely interesting for me. When swim used to be chronic weed smoker when he was little he had these exact symptoms, often first thing in the morning or just after eating breakfast. Will wait to see if there is any science to back it up in the future or whether its just more media scare tactics.

    Its hardly a disabling condition.
  6. nibble
    This is most unusual indeed, what is presented here is extremely vague though. Far too vague to put any great trust in..
    That certainly sounds very dramatic, I cannot see how a hot shower would have the ability to relieve such intense, acute symptoms, but I'm no medical doctor.
    Some nausea and lack of appetite would be somewhat expected with heavy cannabis use, a sort of reliance on the hunger promoting effects could develop I suppose.
  7. snapper
    SWIM sometimes gets acid reflux from weed, but eating seems to resolve it, or 20 mg of famotidine... Perhaps people are getting really bad acid reflux symptom. SWIM is still unconvinced, but SWIM postulates that perhaps some people's nausea centers in their brains may be wired differently and get an opposite response...
  8. x cynic x
    my Aunt Jamima gets far too calm and patient and caring, maybe if they didn't use THC medicinally they'd freak out constantly, like they do normally during long periods of discontinuation :s

    lucky300. Hip Hip Horay/Whore-A/Jorge

    What a rebellios pic the article accomodates, my Aunt Jamima's counter-opinions are MUCH more subtle
  9. Scrubbs
    This is bullshit. Are you saying that this disease somehow showed up just now? So what was the problem with all those years of smoking when nothing happened. Sounds like there is a new factor involved in this. Maybe the weed they were smoking was laced, maybe these people were consuming other things. A hot shower fixes it? This just sounds like some scare tactic and something the govt will use to convince everyone that weed should stay illegal.
  10. Spunion
    Sounds like bullshit. Swim would like to see all the scientific evidence
  11. Lady Codone
    Sounds like contaminated cannabis (or a crock of shit altogether). The only thing I can liken this to is the Paraquat scandal, where marijuana crops were sprayed with a deadly chemical called Paraquat by US government/DEA agents. Many smokers were poisoned and it raised questions about the ethics of such measures. Aside from this, I can see no reason why cannabis would cause vomiting and other symptoms when one of its proven therapeutic properties is REDUCING nausea/vomiting.

    And the whole "helped by a hot shower" thing is just bizarre.
  12. nowpotfree
    This is 100 % real my younger brother has it.
    He has been smoking pot for 20 years and has never been diagnosed by a doctor for this codition.

    For 15 years we we have bee taking him to Doctor after Doctor for unexplained vomiting and severe abdominal pains. He has had internal exploritories,appendix removal, seen umpteen gastro experts all come up with no answers to his condition,even had his faeces sent to America for analysis which came back with negative results or conclusions.

    The amount of showers he has each day is simply unbeleivable.

    He sheds 8-10 kg in a single week or less.

    EVERY single doctor year after year have told us it is NOT THE DOPE.

    It appears we now have proof pudding.

    My Bother fits all these symptoms down to the very last detail.

    I did smoke pot for a long time but stopped cold some 9 years ago and have no doubt I would have suffered the same fate as my brother had I not stopped.

    Going to show my brother the literature I have found and hope to be able to convince him to stop before I loose him.

    By the way he is now down to about 6-7 stone and looks like a skeleton.
  13. Senor Gribson
    As a teenager, SWIM encountered this a few times. Someone would take too big a hit of some strong bud, and vomit. SWIM thinks he almost greened once when he was hung over. After taking a huge bong rip, he got an intense head rush. It felt like he was going to pass out, almost as if he stood up too fast. His friends said his face was green, and he looked like he was going to puke.
    'Greening' is definitely not a syndrome, and the symptoms are aren't nearly as scary as this article would make them out to be. Weed is a psychedelic, even though it's not a very powerful one. Even though it normally reduces nausea, SWIM's experiences with psychedelics leads him to think that too much weed would be entirely capable of inducing motion sickness.

    This article screams "rumour". I can find articles about this all over the internet, but none point directly to a published case; I sure as hell can't find the supposed publication in the "World Journal of Gastroenterology". Even if there were a published case, it wasn't discovered until 2004? Not even in Anslinger's glory days? If there was even one pothead caught puking his/her guts out while showering compulsively, they would have eaten that up.
  14. nowpotfree
    I will reiterate, my bro suffers from evry single symptom as desribed in the article, to the last detail. I am convinced.

    To me it is now a case of the simplest answer has to be the correct one, re his vomiting, weight loss, severe sweating and constant need for showering during these bouts. The article rings true like a bolt of lightening.

    Most, but not all smokers, will try and deny the addiction publically etc, but if most are true to themselves, they know they are addicted and only deny it has ill effects, out of fear of confronting their own need to cease smoking dope.
  15. tim_19
    Well then, when he stops the dope, let us know how he is going...
  16. nibble
    Why doesn't he then cease using cannabis? Or is he too struck down with the scourge of cannabis addiction to do that? Since you are a first hand source of information on this condition could you go into greater detail about the intricacies; When do the symptoms appear, and when did he first experience this? What exactly did his doctors have to say?
    I look forward to hearing your reply...
  17. Milk man
    While I know nothing about marijuana addiction, I heard about a guy named swim in a 7-11 that smoked marijuana 5-6 times a day, for atleast a month or two. When swim was resolved to quit, he was able to cold turkey. Now that doesn't sound anything like addiction to me...

    Like you said, they need to confront their problem of smoking dope. What happens if it doesn't interfere with there life? What if the use is beneficial? What if certain people can use a skill called moderation? It would seem that smoking dope is a not a problem.

    Interestingly enough, I heard another story about Swim and it had to do with that when Swim would smoke too much and do unproductive stuff all day, his highs would turn bad and he would turn very negative. Now this definitely isn't addictive behavior. That sounds like a nice little indicator to when Swim needed to take a break.

    Now, this Swim used to play A LOT(10+ hours a day of video games) before he had even the idea of trying drugs. He kept doing this for a long time, but his video games never turned bad, infact, they got better..

    Maybe you are suffering from medical student syndrome.... maybe you are right and you have a brother who is suffering from this. But wouldn't a simple solution be to stop using cannabis? Or is your bro addicted to horrible highs?
  18. thebige
    Swim belives smoke could be backing up in the GI Tract.........
    Oh and swim only smokes ciggs......
  19. Insomniacsdream
    I have been smoking at least on average a quarter a day for quite a while now (over a year anyway) and I have found that while I don't crave weed when i don't have it I do tend to sweat a lot, I have no appetite, and if i don't smoke any weed before bed it takes me hours to sleep, not exactly like heroine or anything addiction wise but signs of physical withdrawral at least.

    That said I find this article hard to belive because if its so many isolated cases its hard to prove its the same thing, caused by weed or anything else.
  20. Milk man
    Swim had appetite problems when smoking, but those stop after a few days of going clean. Going the to gym helped TREMEDOUSLY.

    Swiy is lacking melatonin which is why it takes so long to go to sleep without Mj. Next time before swiy goes to bed, get some Melatonin and let it dissolve sublingually, swiy will go to sleep relatively quick. When smoked, MJ releases the reserves of melatonin and it takes some time to restore it all. Smoking a Q a day prevents your body from getting the stockpiles full and therefore swiy's body will not release melatonin when it should.
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