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Car passenger charged with impaired driving

By Motorhead · Mar 5, 2010 ·
  1. Motorhead
    Car passenger charged with impaired driving

    A man sitting in the passenger seat of a car driving down the wrong side of an eastern Newfoundland highway has been charged with impaired driving .

    Police said the 55 year-old Bonavista man was teaching a 21-year-old Upper Island Cove woman how to drive on Thursday when an officer pulled the car over.

    "The driver actually came from the Carbonear area and took the off-ramp going towards St. John's and turned mistakenly and headed in a westerly direction in the eastbound lane and kept on going meeting tractor-trailers and commercial vehicles and other passenger vehicles which caused quite a lot of panic," said RCMP Sgt. Boyd Merrill.

    Merrill said the RCMP received numerous frantic phone calls just after lunch Thursday, from drivers describing a small, white truck speeding west in the eastbound lane towards Whitbourne.

    He said when police stopped the car, the Bonavista man was given breathalyzer test. It found that his alcohol levels were three times over the legal limit.

    The Upper Island Cove woman, who was driving with a beginner's permit, was charged with dangerous driving.

    March 4, 2010
    CBC News


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