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Case Report: Fatality Involving the Ingestion of Phenazepam and Poppy Seed Tea

  1. Snouter Fancier
    Phenazepam is a benzodiazepine derivative that has been in clinical use in Russia since 1978 and is not available by prescription in the United States; however, it is attainable through various internet websites, sold either as tablets or as a reference-grade crystalline powder. Presented here is the case of a 42-year-old Caucasian male who died as the result of combined phenazepam, morphine, codeine, and thebaine intoxication. A vial of white powder labeled “Phenazepam, Purity 99%, CAS No. 51753-57-2, Research Sample”, a short straw, and several poppy seed pods were found on the scene. Investigation revealed that the decedent had a history of ordering medications over the internet and that he had consumed poppy seed tea prior to his death. Phenazepam, morphine, codeine, and thebaine were present in the blood at 386, 116, 85, and 72 ng/mL, respectively.

    Link to original abstract.

    Kristen Bailey, Lauren Richards-Waugh, David Clay, Myron Gebhardt, Hamada Mahmoud, and James C. Kraner
    Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Charleston, West Virginia
    Published in: Journal of Analytical Toxicology, October, 2010, Vol. 34, pp. 458–463.


  1. kailey_elise
    *emphasis mine*

    Heh, I agree...if they found poppy PODS, it's highly unlikely that the decedent consumed poppy SEED tea. ;)

    Thanks for finding & posting this, I'm surprised a news article hasn't been posted about it, but I guess we're not *quite* ready in the USA for "reports on a dangerous new legal drug!!" just yet.

    But I too, think the time will be coming soon...

  2. Nnizzle
    Maybe I'm missing something but why the straw? Snorting phenazepam or drinking the tea while it's really close to his face? Seems like a normal straw would have been more effective. I can't remember if I've read accounts of whether snorting it is effective, but if it is, underestimating its potency or mistaking it for some other snortable white powder would definitely explain the death if combined with tea. All joking aside though (actually I am quite serious and would like to know the answer to this), that is bad news. Phenazepam has had a fairly long life as an RC relative to how dangerous it can be for the reckless who have access to it, I wouldn't be surprised if a war begins in the near future.
  3. 82dboy
    My friend was on pain manègment an got 140mgs of methadone an three oxy 30 mgs ir I hear he was being slowly b n taken off meds cus failed piss test for coke so he said fuck it had bottles saved up cus he has been on opiates since a teen first herion then mdone clinic then got bad wreak so I was able leave clinic an go to pain manègment trust Me I'm geting to point he dropped down to 40 mg of mdone then next day he started on pods the dried pods it felt to me like it lasted like methadone or subutex but a really euphoric high an I forgot he also gets 3 2 mg kpins a day an 30 mg temazapam at night an 100 mg of elavil at night stayed on pods for half a yr but like a dummy my friend got huge inheiretence an right b4 new yr 2013 went back to dope so jan till last month he got on subutex 16mg an only used twice since point is as long as was on pods slurry mixed with lime drink down the whole powdered mixed wit lime aid anyway every batch of pods is diff I got huge tolerance to opiates n general an benzos so b easy stay safe an each new pod batch test it's potency cause I'm sure everybody loves to nod out but most don't want it b a lethal nod ok peace love to my fellow ;)
  4. gmeziscool2354
    pods can kill. there is no question of that. phenazepam can kill. again, no questions ask. it seems like with the wild variability in potency from pod to pod and potency of phenazepam, one would be foolish to make this a regular combination. this is a very dangerous combination, and to be honest, i'm surprised i haven't heard of more deaths from this combination
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