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  1. BitterSweet
    20342.jpg Well the cat’s out of the bag … again! Guards at a prison in Moldova caught a cat smuggling drugs into the facility earlier this week.

    As you can see, the cat had a cannabis-filled collar around it’s neck, which officials seized after they caught the kitty sneaking into the jail through a hole in the fence. (Via Justice Ministry)

    “Guards pounced, and found two packets of marijuana hidden inside its oversized collar.” (Via BBC)

    Authorities believe someone in a nearby village had been sending the cat and are investigating to track them down. Contraband cats have become somewhat of a trend this year.

    In January, security personnel in Brazil caught a kitty smuggling a cell phone, charger, a small saw, drills and other accessories. (Via Sky News)

    Police believe they could have been used as part of an escape plot. Prisoners had reportedly raised the cat
    and visitors even took it home from time to time. (Via ABC)

    And a few months later in June, a cat in Russia was caught smuggling similar packages strapped to its body. (Via Ria Novosti)

    No word on this cat facing any charges, but we’re sure authorities will be on the lookout for any more feline felons.

    Author: Logan Tittle
    Source: WSOCTV.COM
    Date: October 19, 2013


  1. RoboCodeine7610
    Cats make terrible dealers....I speak from experience.

  2. Pharfromsober
    How does this happen? I have trouble getting my cat to shit in a litter box all the time, let alone train him to deliver drugs.
    There must be some cat whisperer shit going on here, because most cats I've ever had would just fight desperately to get the collar off and then go sulk in the corner.
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