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By D0pe · Nov 24, 2014 · ·
  1. D0pe
    Hello my name is Ramby i am a tuxedo cat that is 3 years old..
    I also love to read. Just open a newspaper and without fail I will plop on the page out of nowhere, in the middle of the very article you were reading. I also like to lay on keyboards or on the arms of the idiot who is pounding on those keys for hours.. How can we sleep with that noise ?..And how can you pet me with your hands busy ? How can you see me when you trying to cover your face with news paper ?

    I love Boxes Just put an open cardboard box somewhere. Turn your back, count to three, and when you look at the box, the cat is there. The smaller the box, the better.... The more important the box is to my staffers the more i will roll around in it and scratch it up..

    And so I test the box with my paw – it flips on its side easily, hmm… Not perhaps all that good… A box should be sturdy enough to tolerate a hunting bounce...

    Ooooo… The arrogance, the audacity of the other cats that tries to challenge my ownership of the box daddy dope gave me.. errrrrmeow

    I also like to chew the heads off of mice..

    I will post later.. Time for a nap and maybe some fine premium cat nips toys..

    The Black cat is my brother Yoda.. He passed away over a year ago, Ever since then i have never been able to get close to another fellow feline.. He was my best friend and my servants got me 2 brothers to replace him but they irritate me so i mostly hiss, hide and stay out of the way........

    I really only like Fancy Feast. If i do not get wet cat good in the morning that is room temperature i will meow and meow and meow and i always get my way..

    I also like to sit at the dinner table or i will get up on your lap when daddy eats and stare at him.. Moving my head with every chew and almost sucking in my face to make it look like i am starving... If i do not get any human food i will start to force my way in or act cute... I always get my way..

    Oh and the Kitty in the Middle with one blue eye.. He is the new one named Floki. I have not decided what to think of it but we need it gone...

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  1. prescriptionperil
    My daughter in law thought her cat was lonely, thus presented him with an Alpha kitty called Jack. Numerous times he said you can keep him, while stating the kitten is driving the cat bonkers, so may be headed back to the shelter. Upon their going on vaca, I offered to watch Jack. He left the kitty telling me I can keep him. I feel in love. I kept Jack. Lots of Jack's antics remind me of Rambys.

    It can be hellish when felines don't get along. Regarding my daughter in law thinking Sebastian was lonely,
    my son stated he doesn't know where he gets these ideas.

    Now, they have a baby and tremendous sleep deprivation.
    Thanks for sharing your kitty story. Ramby was obviously close to his brother.
  2. D0pe
    Wow i hardly remember typing this story up.. :D Ever do that on here ? It almost seems as if i did not type it at all but instead my cat typed it while i was in a drugged nightly stuper ..

    Ramby is getting allot better with the other cats.. He still hisses and growls but mostly there is not any problems or fights. He will even clean / lick our other cats and they have to be laying on the ground and also perfectly still.. He will lick them and clean them, But if they move he bites their head and swats.. The other 2 cats love it so they do not mind.. I like watching them and see how long the cats can stay still while ramby gives them a cat bath.. They usually start to squirm and think they need to play after 1 minutes..

    No cat fights..

    Yoda was shot by a neighbor who should of been shot himself for doing such a cruel thing.. He was my favorite cat of all.
  3. Beenthere2Hippie
    I miss you, buddy, and miss your humor. You are one funny guy, and always my friend.


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