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Drug Policy Reform

Blogs about drug policy and related politics

  1. Is Ending the War on Drugs a Panacea?

    Professor and author W.A. Bogart discusses his new book, Off The Street: Legalizing Drugs, which calls for a philosophical approach to the issues of use and abuse.
  2. Politics, prohibition and addiction

    In this series of articles, I will be examining the prohibition of drugs and alcohol, and the impact that has on users. I will first briefly detail the development of modern prohibition in the United States and Internationally. Part two will explore the motivations of individuals who use illicit substances. Part three will examine the effectiveness of the outcomes of prohibition and how they relate to the motivations of users. Part four will examine alternatives to prohibition.
  3. The Drug Panic “by a London physician”

    This essay, originally published in the The English Review, July 1922 is still very topical. Crowley was ahead of his time! _________________________ It is a long while since I was at school, and I may have forgotten some things, but I remember well that I was taught there to beware of a certain type of fallacy called non distributio medii; and this fallacy is at the base of all the recent most baneful, most mischievous, most wasteful and most insolent legislation which we see on all...
  4. It's Time for a New Approach!

    Original post: [URL]http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=110966[/URL] To put it simply, our government seems to me to have taken on a rather neo-fascist persona with its radical outlook on drug use, coupled with its inability to trust the public with decisions that affect only themselves as individuals. This "War on Drugs" has become a crusade against innocent people for excersizing their naturally given right to alter their consciousness as they choose and I say it's time we're given...
  5. The El Nino effect on cannabis politics in North America Part 1

    I am going ahead and posting the first two parts of this article that I started working on more than a month ago now. It's just snap shot of the last decade in pot politics in Canada and the US within the last decade and how policies have changed. Once I got to writing it kind of ballooned to include alot of pot history within the last century, and the outline just got to big so I'm going with the original drafts I began with. I still think they are pretty rough, but I've been busy lately...
  6. Marc Emery and making a difference

    So Marc turned himself in last monday, four years after his arrest in Halifax. It's still kind of hard to believe this is happening considering the facts of the case, most importantly that he has never set foot on American soil. Anyways, we all know the case by now and that his situation would probably be alot different if Canada did not have a Stephen Harper led Conservative government at the moment. Dispite the fact it appears the governments position is set and that our Justice Minister,...
  7. the war on drugs is canablism to society

    with drug offenses being the reason for a majority of prisoners in our over crowed and over priced penal system , and with an economy that is weak, the cost of deaming drugs unlawful is way more than we can afford. First of all the merchants who own small business are being punished , we know that if a person is a participant in usage of illegals, they will buy the substance before spending the money on a product sold at the store. and secondly the extra money needed from us to support...