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Law and order

Blogs about drug & law

  1. Alcohol hypocrisy and the mainstream media

    Move over mephedrone, there’s a new legal high in town. You'd be forgiven for thinking after the recent mephedrone explosion in the UK that the law for classifying drugs is a joke. How could laws designed to protect innocent people against the terror of drug abuse be sidestepped to allow millions to try this killer drug? Mephedrone is now wanted by the home office for participating in murder in numerous UK locations, the people who overdosed or mixed it are unwanting victims of this...
  2. 'Fans behaving badly? Never fear', and the acceptability of drunkeness

    Hello everyone. Wow, went to Quebec City for Halloween weekend with some old high school buddies to see Metallica and had a blast. Caught the chest cold from hell however and passed it on to the kiddies. Been down and out for the better part of two weeks now, and just starting to come around. Read this interesting piece from ESPN yesterday:Fans behaving badly? Never fear. It's about the general rowdiness that occurs at college football games in the US, and the new high tech measures many...
  3. A dear old friend

    A really close friend got deported the other day after spending 18 months in a federal prison. His crime, being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. Their excuse for deportation is that his green card expired while in prison and didn't have a job before he was arrested. Now his children is wondering if they will ever see their dad soon, his Mom and family is working the legal system. So it is up in the air on his situation.