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  1. 3 suspects arrested in alleged cigarette bootleg ring.

    Three suspects have been arrested under suspicions of using counterfeit credit cards to purchase cigarettes, in missouri where the taxes are cheaper, and selling them on the east coast to turn a profit.
  2. E-cigarettes to increase odds of cessation Part 2

    But back on topic my vapor fluid contains natural nicotine among 3-4 other ingredients such as glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycol (sometimes one the other or both) and a colorant. These do cause lung inflammation when vaporized, but so will vaporizing anything. The inflammation I've found does not last long and the air resistance lingers for approx. 20 minutes for myself personally after smoking a vapor pen 2 drags per minute for 12 minutes. I normally don't smoke it this long....
  3. E-cigarettes to increase odds of cessation Part 1

    Part 1 of 2 I have been a smoker for 8 years. I've tried to quit 30+ times. I've tried the patch, gum, cold turkey, and the best of all. E-cigarettes. I was able to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes cold turkey while I switched to the vapor pen. Within 1 week of using my technique I am now able to quit cold turkey without withdrawal, without cravings, without triggers. I have done this before and had similar results. I quit for 3 months cold turkey. This time was different, the effects...
  4. ferris wheel

    when i saw you today, i melted as if you never left, as if i hadn’t once believed i would never touch your face again, as if the years between us only happened in my mind. when we rode the ferris wheel, and i pulled you on my lap, wrapped my hands around your chest, when I brushed your beard with mine, you asked me: what is going through your head?- thank you for not asking twice when i could not unwrap the heavy tongue that was tangled in my throat....