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  1. Dutch Courage

    ten bucks says you don't have it in you to conquer fear and quit believing what they tell you to you are careening shamelessly into oblivion you will live alone with your chemicals and gin - Dutch Courage, The Spill Canvas view of Sentinel Peak from Camp Whitsett, Sequoia National Forest, Tulare County, California (credit unknown) i started writing this a couple weeks a couple months ago. the first line was "i went camping a couple weeks ago." at least, it was before i erased it. now it...
  2. CDC Guideline for Presribing Opioids

    This is the CDC’s recommendations to physicians to help stop the heroin overdose epidemic going on in the US. They address chronic pain patients and the modalities that they recommend to be used prior to and during any opioid prescribed patient’s treatment.
  3. Histories

    this article has two three parts. links at the bottom. (three four if you count this landing page.) you gotta help me, i'm losing my mind keep getting the feeling you wanna leave this all behind thought we were going strong i thought we were holding on aren't we? no, they don't teach you this in school now my heart's breaking and i don't know what to do thought we were going strong thought we were holding on aren't we? you and me got a whole lot of history we could be the greatest team...
  4. Wait it Out

    everybody says that time heals everything; but what of the wretched hollow, the endless in-between? are we just going to wait it out? - Wait it Out, Imogen Heap Lost in Time by ashsivils on DeviantArt 11.37p it's been a little over an hour and a half since i popped 150mg of dextromethorphan. still not feeling it. thanks, Tolerance; you're a peach. second or third day that the DXM hasn't worked as anticipated, as it usually does. mental note: time to start upping the dosage. next time...
  5. Down The Hatch

    This here is just some random scribblings i wrote down when i was under the influence of psiocybin , a little red wine, and some very potent marijuana. i am not a good writer but this is something i have started doing out of boredom.
  6. I am sick of myown addiction

    I have finnally reached the point where I am sick of myown drug abuse. I have basically no veins left, I do not get high anymore.It just gets worse. I am in a really dark place at the moment (That is the reason of my dissapearance from DF for a while) and my addiction has gone totally out of controll. I hate this intoxicated feeling my body has, like it would be full of something really sickening.Besides, my skin has strange reactions and I guess, I have to check my liver. I guess, I will...
  7. No sob stories here please

    A little light hearted tale of one girls unfortunate miss rate and attempt to come off the big H.
  8. Mr.Brown (Dedicated to my love)

    When the blood starts filling my needle That's by far my most favorite part Because I know in seconds I will feel his rush And my beloved Mr.Brown high is about to start The relaxation is nothing but unexplainable Every part of my body Tingles in delight I wish I could keep that feeling forever Of when me and my love first unite I can't explain it too well if you've never felt it Even the best orgasm Can't compare at all He gives me the painlessness of heaven But the higher I go up The...
  9. If Only (Spoken Word)

    Sometimes, I still think about you I think about what could have been. I think about what was, and what wasn't. Sometimes, I think I don't really know at all What I ever wanted. I just know that you were one of the many things I wanted, but couldn't have, Then could have had, but didn't take. Now every time I think about you, I wonder if I did the right thing... By chancing something great For a moment of memory..... That was just a taste, for both of us Of something that...
  10. Addiction, mental disorder and families

    An article discussing the relationship between addiction and mental disorder, aimed at the families of those who have a comorbid diagnosis for the purpose of their developing a greater understanding of the issues.
  11. I'm having pains in my penis after quitting smoking weed... will I be okay eventually?

    Hi, my name is Robert. I'm 18 years old and I'm currently going to college to study music. I'm just now getting into my second semester and it has been 8 days since I last smoked marijuana. To be honest, I've been wanting to do this for a very long time. I've taken few day breaks here and there, but I always get suckered into smoking again. I've been smoking weed chronically for the past year and half, and it has for sure taken a tole. My short term memory is terrible, I have to focus so...
  12. Is Ending the War on Drugs a Panacea?

    Professor and author W.A. Bogart discusses his new book, Off The Street: Legalizing Drugs, which calls for a philosophical approach to the issues of use and abuse.
  13. Hallucinogenic Drug Paraphernalia Discovered from Prehistoric Era

    "People who colonized the Caribbean from South America about 1,500 years ago brought with them heirloom drug paraphernalia that had been passed down from generation to generation, anthropologists propose. Ceramic inhaling bowls found on the island of Carriacou, in the West Indies, date back to between roughly 400 and 100 B.C, according to a study headed by Scott Fitzpatrick, an assistant professor of anthropology at North Carolina State University. These dates are well before the...
  14. Politics, prohibition and addiction

    In this series of articles, I will be examining the prohibition of drugs and alcohol, and the impact that has on users. I will first briefly detail the development of modern prohibition in the United States and Internationally. Part two will explore the motivations of individuals who use illicit substances. Part three will examine the effectiveness of the outcomes of prohibition and how they relate to the motivations of users. Part four will examine alternatives to prohibition.
  15. .

    It Is a car crash That thing in your vision that sticks Holding your eyes focus for a moment That stretches on Forever with Infinite time to reflect Why do these things keep happening to me? Who cares? I don't know any more 'coz it's starting to get all weird Like when a good trip kicks in and you're like, hang on And it's right there But you don't believe it So all you can do is stand still and stare Stuck in a moment forever Twisting in fortune like a spiral That waxes and...