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Caught with five gallons of PCP

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Caught with five gallons of PCP

    GLOBE — On April 22, a Gila County Sheriff’s Drug, Gang, and Violent Crimes Task Force Agent made a routine traffic stop on Highway 60, adjacent to the fairgrounds, which resulted in the confiscation of five gallon jugs of a lethal drug known as PCP.

    According to Commander Johnny Sanchez, after speaking with the driver, Sergent Travis Baxley noticed signs of criminal activity and alerted the Gila County Sheriff’s Narcotics K-9 Boris to investigate further. “Baxley asked for assistance because he thought there might be marijuana in the trunk,” said Sanchez.

    After further investigation “it ended up being something entirely different”.

    The PCP, or phencyclidine (angel dust) is a recreational drug that can have severe hallucinogenic and neurotoxic effects. The five gallons found have an average street value of $160,000.

    Due to toxic content, the materials had to be dealt with in a precise way. “We can’t just put it in storage,” said Sanchez. “The biggest thing with this kind of stuff is getting the people with the expertise to deal with it.” Task force members contacted Arizona Department of Public Safety for assistance in dealing with the situation. According to the press release from the Gila County Sheriff’s Department, “the Arizona Department of Public Safety immediately responded personnel from their Crime Lab Unit, Explosives Disposal Unit, and Haz-Mat Unit to the scene.”

    The suspects Darin Nolan Smith of Lavergne, Tennessee and Darell Scorpio Smith of Kansas City, Kansas were arrested for possession of dangerous drugs, possession of a dangerous drug for sale and transportation of a dangerous drug for sale. Both suspects were transported to the Gila County Jail and are being held on a $75,000 bond.

    “Hopefully we can keep them there for a while,” said Sanchez. The case is still under investigation.

    In the end this seizure was the largest one conducted for 2010 for the state of Arizona.

    Posted: Wednesday, Apr 28th, 2010
    BY: Andrea Marcanti/Staff Writer



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