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CDC Guideline for Presribing Opioids

This is the CDC’s recommendations to physicians to help stop the heroin overdose epidemic going on in the US. They address chronic pain patients...
  1. Yellow Brick Reality

    Author Bio

    Yellow Brick Reality
    Began my journey off of opiates & benzo in late May 2017. My doctor quit and I was forced to see a CNP in the same office. I was taking methadone 20mg and Vicodin 80mg daily x 10+ years. Valium 10mg x 8-9 years. All of my meds were cut in half at once. During severe withdrawals I decided I wanted off of them. CNP continued to mandate tapers. Vicodin last dose on 7/2/17,Valium last dose 8/15/17. Now I am managing my own methadone from 10-0 w the pills I have left. I’ve been in withdrawals for over 4 months now.


  1. detoxin momma
    i dont see an article, just a link to one??

    I just saw on the news that certain insurances will not be covering oxycontin any longer, i googled it but it was turned into a one paragraph story.
    I may just add the link to your story though, it does kind of pertain to the topic.
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  2. Yellow Brick Reality
    Apologies this was my first attempt at this.
    Perhaps you could DM on how to post an article properly since the instructions didn’t help me get it right.
    Feel free to attach anything any time. I trust you Momma! Lol
    1. aemetha
      Instructions are here: https://drugs-forum.com/threads/how-to-format-a-news-article-in-the-new-site-basic.297566/ The link goes to a page with a pdf file of the guidelines. That might be better added as a study, and there are several similar types of documents that are in the study section such as the drug testing guidelines etc.
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