CDEX Inc. announces results of Meth Scanner testing

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  1. klaatu
    Fox Business
    Friday, Mar. 28 2008

    TUCSON, AZ, Mar 28, 2008 -- CDEX Inc. announces that its ID2 (Meth Scanner) correctly identified 32 different samples of methamphetamine in clear containers in four different law enforcement jurisdictions with no errors, including Rose, Strawberry, Mexican, Peanut Butter and Crystal Meth types. In a separate sensitivity test, the CDEX Meth Scanner identified methamphetamine at 1.0 micrograms/100 cm2 (10 nanograms/cm2), below the proposed California health-based methamphetamine remediation standard of 1.5 micrograms/100cm2 (15 nanograms/cm2).

    "We have received great cooperation from police departments across the nation offering to let us test the Meth Scanner against the methamphetamine samples in their possession," said Tim Shriver Jr. "We are already in our production cycle for the first 200 Meth Scanners and expect delivery of the first Scanners to a waiting client base during the 2nd Quarter 2008. There has been interest from all over the world in many use areas ranging from police and school districts to property inspectors and hospitals."

    The CDEX ID2 ("Meth Scanner") is a handheld, battery operated device that detects low nanogram range quantities of methamphetamine in a continuous scan mode from standoff distances of around 2-8 inches. The Meth Scanner gives instantaneous results without disturbing the surfaces under investigation. Meth Scanner technology is used in the CDEX ValiMed Medication Validation System currently deployed in major hospitals across the United States. (See or

    "While the direct impacts of methamphetamine use are devastating, the broader impact on the unsuspecting public is the real ticking time bomb," said Malcolm Philips, CDEX CEO. "We do not fully understand the long term health impacts of passive exposure to methamphetamine, such as from a home/apartment/hotel or used automobile where meth was used or made, or working in those locations. We do know that the immediate health impacts can be life threatening and long term impacts may result in cancer, as we have seen in numerous first-hand reports and studies. In addition to assisting police forces, we believe that the Meth Scanner will provide a quick and low cost tool to identify hazardous locations before entry/purchase which will minimize overall risk to the public."

    About CDEX Inc.

    CDEX, a technology company currently developing products using its patented/patent pending chemical detection technologies, is focused on
    (i) identification of substances of concern (e.g., explosives and illegal drugs, for security markets); and
    (ii) validation of substances for anti-counterfeiting, brand protection and quality assurance (e.g., validation of compounded medication and detection of counterfeit or sub-par products, for the medical and brand protection markets). ValiMed and the Meth Scanner are CDEX solutions for the healthcare and security markets. Corporate headquarters and R&D facilities are located in Tucson, Arizona.

    For more information, visit and or contact Malcolm Philips ([email protected]) or Tim Shriver Jr. ([email protected]) 520.745.5172 X 201.



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  1. Pondlife
    I thought that "strawberry meth" was a myth. Does this mean that there really is a "strawberry meth", or just that it's a poorly written press release?
  2. bman1
    ^^^ Swib has heard people call meth that was pinkish (swibs thinks from left over red coating) "strawberry meth" because of its color not flavor
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