Celebrities should speak out against drug use - PM (UK)

By Lunar Loops · Oct 1, 2007 · ·
  1. Lunar Loops
    Gordon Brown appears to be looking for willing famous people to become his disciples and to spread his moral message far and wide. This from www.pm.gov.uk :

    Celebrities should speak out against drug use - PM

    Celebrities should become role models for young people and speak out against drugs, the Prime Minister has told a citizens jury meeting in central London, the Prime Minister said today.
    Mr Brown criticised famous people who thought they were "above the law" and called on friends, neighbours and people who have a "national standing" to act as positive role models for young people.
    He said that Dame Kelly Holmes has agreed to support an initiative to address the use of illegal drugs among young people.
    The PM's comments came at the latest citizen jury event in London.Teachers, children and social care workers attended similar events in Leeds, Portsmouth and Birmingham - with each session linked by satellite.

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  1. Felonious Skunk
    I guess if celebrities don't believe drugs should be illegal and that there's nothing wrong with using them responsibly, they won't be speaking out.

  2. Joe Duffy
    Maybe Pete Doherty could say a few words to the kids, something like “Don’t do drugs kids or you’ll never get a girlfriend or become president”.
  3. Zentaurus41
    What we do need is more people to stand up and say yeah I use drugs and there fun too. I got a job, lots of money and life is fun.
  4. Petethemeat
    Evil GIR

    Agreed, people arent stupid. There is a good chance they know a drug user or two. In most cases they arent the deathly junkies they are often portrayed as.
  5. Nagognog2
    Blame the actors for the spread of cannabis abuse. Brilliant. A strategy that begs a comedic response from scriptwriters and a new comedy series. Something like:

    Down Home At The Brown's.

    Gordon spends all night spying on his kids with a pair of binoculars from atop the garage roof. His wife is pining away for him to come to bed. "No my darling. This is much more important! I think I saw Susan scratching herself DOWN THERE. That's a sure sign! Call the Militia!"
  6. Alicia
    hahaha ^. i hardly doubt this will go anywhere. after all im sure who ever does try and help this will get a nice pat on the back for showing the kids the way, has it ever occured to them the kids were fucked to begin with and were mearly quiet looking to expand or in some cases be able to eat... im lost silly brown...
  7. Woodman
    I think it's fine for ANYONE to speak out against drug use.

    They can speak against drinking and smoking too, for that matter.

    Why don't they speak out on the failed drug war while they're at it?

    IMO, People have just as much right to choose NOT to use drugs as they do to use them.
  8. JDreaming
    The odd thing about celebrities is they don't always do what they're told to by authority figures. Now we get to see which UK celebrities are willing to take opportunist stances and which ones refuse.
  9. RunRedFox
    The children, what about the children?

    Perhaps we could set a good example by not locking up little johnnys papa.

    Listening to someone whos good at acting on a subject other then acting is one of the basic falacies of logic. I'm glad those heading the war on drugs arent very solid in their arguments, however it is troubling that most people do not have a clue how to think critically and will accept these illogical arguments.
  10. Lunar Loops
    And as if by magic, look what the good old FRANK website has dredged up to try and emphasise their point.

    Under the heading "Stars on Drugs" they state:

    "Watch some of the cast from Hollyoaks talk about their character’s drug experience."

    So they are using actors (and I use the term VERY loosely, Hollyoaks being a VERY poor British soap opera that is watched by one man and his dog of dubious taste) to describe their characters fictional escapades in order to try and prove a point. Priceless.

    Take a look for yourself at:
  11. MrG
    There is a reason why cannabis is labelled a gateway drug.

    It is usually because somebody who has spent the early part of their life being bombarded with scaremongering drug misinformation from politicians, parents and Z list celebs may eventually be persuaded to have a couple of joints.

    They then realise they have been fucking lied to for too many years, so many decide to throw the gate wide open and start exploring the rest of the drug world for themselves.

    "Winnners don't do drugs" was the favourite line for many a sports celebrity. The proper answer to that statement of course is simply "fuck off".

    No need for in depth analysis as to how empty and meaningless such a ridiculous aspiration "winner" is (ooh, I want strangers to think that I am a winner!). I don't want to spend fourteen hours a day training to compete at something so that, for a brief moment in my life, I can say "well, a bunch of people saw me run faster than some other guys and then they clapped me and gave me a shiny piece of metal".

    But hey, that's me and if an athlete wants to get his (or her) jollies by sticking all their hopes and dreams into something I personally consider a meaningless occupation, then that's their choice.

    Only, in return, I don't want any of these fuckers giving me some crap about needing to be a winner and how being a winner means that you can't use drugs. Except performance enhancing ones of course. Expanding your biceps is fine, just not your mind.
  12. Zentaurus41
    "Winnners don't do drugs" why are they banned for sporting events then ?
    Becasue you will win ?

    But I think that cathphrase was most famously on computr games in the 80s, even back then when i was just a kid statments like that made me laugh, there is just something about goverment enforcment messages I really dislike.

  13. RunRedFox
    I remember seeing the above flash across the screen of the arcade classic house of the dead as it refused my last coins on the final boss. Swim was high and felt quite cheated...
  14. Nacumen
    Celebrities are celebrities because they are masters of public image, and being a medium through which people can learn about their own individuality and how it relates to the world. As the way things seem to be headed right now as far as responsible drug use and its acceptance-in-moderation goes (more and more people, albeit of the younger generation, are realizing that drug use is common and practiced by more than just junkies, but normal people), the last thing a celebrity would be prudent to do would be to denounce all drug use, as this guy seems to be asking for. While convincing a celebrity to do so may be a short-term public image victory for the PM, it would not stick well with celebrities, who generally depend upon the opinions of youth to dictate their image choices.

    Not that there aren't celebrities who have traditionally done this, or do this now. I can't think of any examples, but I'm sure there are some. The more astute celebrities who try to appeal to a maximum audience will not buy into this message from the leader of what their industry would consider to be just an older, characteristically religiously-fanatic niche.

    Youth, sadly, do not collectively exercise their democratic powers, but their parents sure as hell do, which would explain this difference in the target audiences of celebrities and political leaders.

    Even if no celebrities answer this plea, the PM will still be scoring political points by sending this message, which makes him look to his voting constituents like someone who is 'doing something' about drugs.
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