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  1. Rightnow289

    What is it with people and this crap!!??

    Everyday I get an E-mail saying that if I do not forward to a billion people in the next 2 seconds everyone in my family will die an excrutiating death.

    Come on people stop being so gullible. No if you forward this E-mail a really 'cool' thing' will not pop up on your screen because it's not possible. Get a life seriously and please stop sending me crap.

    I mean if everyone really believed that this chain mail could posssibly do any good for them they should be sent to an asylum and no not later now!!!


  1. Dickon
    If you do not sing this meaningless blog reply to the next 10 people you meet in the street, after translating it into a random language of your choosing, a small dog will have it off on your leg, and you will slowly metamorphose into a giant chicken.

    True I say, all true!
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