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Champaign men charged in psilocybin case

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Champaign men charged in psilocybin case

    URBANA — Two Champaign men have been charged with having an “active” mushroom growing operation in their home.

    Tu Duc Nguyen, 27, and Kelvin Diep, 23, who both listed an address in the 3800 block of Pebblebrook Lane, were charged in warrants issued earlier this month that resulted from a search of their home on Sept. 4 by Champaign police.

    A police report said officers found more than 500 grams of cannabis, an “active” psilocybin growing operation, cash and three guns in the home on Sept. 4.

    Nguyen was charged with possession with intent to deliver cannabis, possession with intent to deliver psilocybin, and armed violence, the latter being a Class X felony carrying a mandatory prison term of six to 30 years upon conviction.

    Diep has been charged only with possession with intent to deliver psilocybin.
    Both men remain free on bond. Nguyen was ordered to be back in court Oct. 20. Diep is due to return Thursday with a lawyer.

    By Mary Schenk
    Tuesday, September 29, 2009 11:29 AM CDT



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