Chapter Four: Failure

By ZenobiaSky · Jun 25, 2012 ·
  1. ZenobiaSky
    Yeah so I was doing so good, except the fact that I was probably doing too much Ritalin (mixed with a lil Adderall and provigil). My friend, the one who has a friend, calls and says he can get some, 3am, just took my meds and what the hell was I thinking when I said Yes, but, I just took my meds and couldn't drive, no problem, just stay awake.

    And then I got a text, it wasn't Chris, it was his friend, he wanted to meet with me, We've never met, only in passing from within our cars. So I was intrigued, so he came over.. and my seroquel is kickin my butt by now, as I we take a drive..... Now if your reading this then you know I have this cow named Flossy that happens to get herself in some trouble, well for the last few months she's been dealing weed, she doesn't smoke it, but she is the cool cow with the best KB around.... she sells prescription drugs she gets from her Cow Vet for what ever to help bring down the price she pays, never seems to make much money since all her cow friends are out of jobs, and she's a pretty naive cow cause of course she fronts to all her friends, dayum that cow would be rich if everybody paid her all the corn/hay they owe her...

    So anyway, Flossy decides to stick her nose in my business.... and the deal was done, I found three things, A new customer for Flossy cause everybody loves her shit, she gets the best of the best in town. This guy, whose kinda refreshing, reminds me of my roommate back in the day when we met, and he wasn't so uptight about everything. A man I could actually have a real conversation with, and hey guess what, spent the night and didn't try to have sex with me... Was this for real???? And last, a bad habit that I just can't get away from. Although the new guy, he is straight up with me, and if this isn't what I REALLY want, then no problem, I don't have to do this... and then the fire burned....... Yeah it's my back up for when I'm going to run out of Ritalin before I'm do next... Yeah what a load of crap, I'm half way through a gram, waiting I might say for my new friend to come back over... yeah it's 4:30 in the morning....

    WTF am I thinking, I thought it was funny how my friend called from his phone, then he left his house and text me, cause we all know Chris would not approve of this friendship, not because he cares about me, but because he is getting cut out as the middle man... I'm tired and wanna go to bed.. why haven't I.... well probably cause I've been smoking!!!!

    I feel like I have let a lot of people down, but no one more than myself right now, because let's be honest, I know and you probably know... that's not the end....

    Lesson here, don't answer your phone at 3AM, it's either bad news or fucked up people doing fucked up things... and as HW arrives, I leave you with my usual closing... till next time... Peace Out!!!!

    Hmm an afterthought, cool new guy, isn't so cool when your not stoned or high, turns out he really does remind me of my roommate, cause he knows everything, can always one up you, and after spending enough time with him becomes a bit irritating.. wow how alike they are lol..... I thought beer googles were bad, Meth Goggles are even worse... wtf was I thinking and what am I doing... somebody please pull my head out of my ass, especially since today is chemo day!!! Now off to sleep, I hope!!!

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