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'Charlie Sheen' drug being sold in Californian marijuana shops

  1. Balzafire
    MEDICAL marijuana dispensaries in California are selling pot labeled "Charlie Sheen" in honour of the troubled star, TMZ reported today.

    The "Charlie Sheen" cannabis was flying off the shelves at several outlets last week.

    Demand for the drug was so great that growers were being asked to put in more crops to keep up with the market, the website said.

    The new marijuana brand was launched after one of Sheen's bizarre interviews on US television last week.

    He defended his increasingly erratic behaviour by saying, "I am on a drug. It's called Charlie Sheen."

    Medical marijuana was legalized in California in 1996 in a movethat led to the opening of marijuana dispensaries around the state.

    March 07, 2011


  1. Terrapinzflyer
    What BS is this, considering if this is even true it is just another strain being "re-branded". And by the time another "crop" would be in Sheen would (hopefully) no longer be in the news...

    And while it would not surprise me in the least for some "dispensaries" in CA to be playing this BS, the turtles aardvark tells him his local dispensary will not even sell strains such as "ak-47" or "green crack" under those names as they feel they are not appropriate for medicine.
  2. Balzafire
    The single newsworthy bit in this entire drama of yet another un-gluing of a celebrity is that when the dust has settled and his career is all but forgotten, he will be remembered best for having said "I am on a drug. The drug is called Charlie Sheen".
    When I was a kid I once watched a bug flying around a light bulb until it overheated and died.
    Been seeing people do it ever since. Sad.
    But goddammit it's funny, too. Lol.
  3. Veksul
    I doubt it's just re-branded; there really are a lot of growers constantly cross breeding different strains with every harvest. It's a never ending aim at quality, and in the end, all it really is is a name. If it's a good quality created strain, with a high THC %, then people will continue to use it. After all, I've heard crazier names for strains, it's just this strain uses a unique marketing technique to it's advantage.
  4. Ghetto_Chem
    Swims friend completely agrees wit ya swiTerrapinz,

    Swims friend knows people that hate the name of green crack cuz it perpetuates the bad stereotype towards cannabis, crack and cannabis should probably not be related together.

    And yes most likely this is just another strain be remarketed as "Charlie Sheen", its not like a breeder immediately went out and bred some fantastic strain and called it charlie sheen. Swims friend already thinks there are so many brandnames with alot of hype around just the name, even if the bud isn't the greatest. (Sour Diesel is a good example, although its a good strain it gets way talked up.)

  5. Veksul
    FINE, I guess you can agree with him. . . :laugh: No way for any of us to really know for sure unless we researched / saw it compared to other popular strains first-hand.

    But either way, I definitely agree with you on the point that "brand name" strains get more hype than they should. It is not widely realized how much the actual growing of the plant affect its quality. For example: A Sour Diesel plant raised in poor soil, poor lighting, and given little care and attention to will, in contrast, not be anywhere close to the potency of a Sour Diesel plant that has great soil, great lighting, and given much love and care.

    Unlike man, "Every marijuana plant is not necessarily created equal."
  6. Alfa
    When I saw the thread title I expected a new bath salt product. :D
  7. Ghetto_Chem
    Ya sorry swiVeskul was in such a hurry kinda just skimmed through. But YES swim does agree with swiy as well. Haha he gets lazy sometimes.

    And bathsalts would make sense, some crazy ass unknown drug kinda resembles his attitude at the moment. lol

  8. fiveleggedrat
    It's $70/ 8th.

    Saw this on TMZ.

    mod edit to clarify here- this is as was reported in numerous news stories on this, and as such does not fall under price discussion rules. but further discussion would so... (tf)
  9. godztear
    There was an animated TV show about the story of Charlie Sheen aired on TV, on the Spike station that made mention of this new drug and I instantly thought of bath salts also. Then they started saying that no one can take it other then Charlie Sheen because their faces will melt off and chest explode. So I'm gonna call bullshit on the whole thing. Sheen is just being a publicity whore right now and loving it.
  10. Moving Pictures
    I doubt this is a new strain. Charlie Sheen's nonsense has been going on for what, a month? That's not enough time to create and grow a new strain. They just renamed a strain that already exists. And I agree with TF, these silly brand names they give pot really make the medicinal marijuana scene look bad.
  11. theonememyselfandeye
    Actually I saw the bath salt version the other day on a site, so you are right still.
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