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Charlie Sheen Won't Lose His Anger Management Job, Even With '$2,000 A Day Drug Habit

By Rob Cypher, Nov 3, 2012 | Updated: Nov 8, 2012 | | |
  1. Rob Cypher
    Charlie Sheen has allegedly turned back to his infamous vices — crack-cocaine and prostitutes — for over eight months, but don't expect him to get the boot from his hit FX show, Anger Management.

    Although he has been "spending nearly $2,000 a day on drugs," sources say he's still able to handle his workload and explain: "It’s amazing how much Charlie parties but he’s still able to go to work and perform. The show tapes multiple episodes at a time and Charlie is somehow able to still deliver his best. It’s almost impossible to understand when you realize how hard he parties.”

    It sounds like as long as he continues to make viewers laugh and shows up to work on time with his lines memorized, then he'll continue to be the star of the sitcom. After all, so many people are turning in to watch him that the show got a 90-episode order. The source added: “He shows up, he does his job, he’s given them a hit show. The ratings triggered a clause that picked up the show for another 90 episodes.”

    Sheen can clearly balance his hard-partying lifestyle and career, but we have to wonder for how long? At some point, that kind of drug abuse is bound to take a toll on him.

    Then again, they don't call him the MaSheen for nothing.



  1. fractalissue
    Re: Charlie Sheen Won't Lose His Anger Management Job, Even With '$2,000 A Day Drug H

    i love charlie sheen. couldn't tell you a damn thing he's in but iv seen all his "winning" videos, all his interviews and videos he made himself. he's funny as shit and has a rather absurd speculation on existence and humanity, especially how it relates to him, no matter if i disagree or not, he still fascinating.
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